Should You Visit Playa Sosua?

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Out of all the wonders in the world and all the amazing places, The island of  Dominican Republic and the province of Puerto Plata is lucky to have such a beautiful beach called ‘’Playa Sosua’’.   Playa Sosua, is one of the most renowned beaches of the Dominican Republic, due to its beautiful scenery, crystal clear water and all the amazing surroundings. These are a few of the reasons why it is one of the main tourist and local beaches on the North Coast.   If you ask yourself, ‘’ Why should I visit Playa Sosua” Well, our answer is very easy, why not?! There are many activities to do and is perfect for all kinds of public. If you are a single man, woman or a family, you will find all types of attractions for all ages to keep …

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Surf Life of Cabarete

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Cabarete is a water sports paradise and offers every Watersport imaginable with an amazing view all 360° degrees around! The main sports are Surfing and Kitesurfing. Surf in the morning Kite in the afternoon it is a pretty good deal. Athlete: Leonardo Castillo – Air Reverse This time I will explain why surfing in Cabarete is an unforgettable experience; Cabarete has a main beach for people to surf called ‘’Playa Encuentro” located about 5 minutes away from the main town. Playa Encuentro is an incredible spot to surf for not only advanced surfers but also newcomers. Playa Encuentro has all kinds of waves every day of the year from 1ft- to15ft (face measurement). It is an amazing space for people to learn and practice their skills. Our favorite site to check the wind and wave forecast is Windguru as its quite …

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Kiteboarding vs Surfing vs Windsurfing vs Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

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The age-old debate of which sport is best? The answer for us is Kiteboarding though we do not cancel out surfing or stand up paddle boarding because both of these sports are usually practicable when kiteboarding is not! For us, kiteboarding is the ultimate sport as it can be performed and expressed in various ways whether water, snow or land. On top of it, if you love riding waves you can use a surfboard and play in the waves if you like to fly – you can jump, if you want the constant feeling of flying you can hydrofoil; like cross-country skiing, snowboarding or skiing? You can also do that with a kite! Kiteboarding is pretty much amazing, simply put. We have not mentioned windsurfing as if we had to choose kiteboarding vs windsurfing it wouldn’t be a debate. Windsurfing …

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Why Cabarete?

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A question we always get asked is “why Cabarete?” Our answer is simple, why not?! Cabarete is one of those magical towns in the world. It is a great destination for anyone to visit and an amazing place for some to live. For someone who is street/business savvy, sportive and open-minded, Cabarete makes a great home. Since 2008 we have been involved in the water sports scene of Cabarete, whether its kiteboarding, surfing, body boarding or even wakeboarding when it was around – we were there. As time has passed we have developed further in the scene. We currently have two brick and mortar locations in Cabarete – one Concept Store on the main road and a Water Sports Center on the beach. We are working closely with the leading brands in the kite and surf scene; retailing and showcasing …