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We have received so many questions regarding this topic.

So we finally decided to make a video and talk about it!

Charles Osterlund from Liquid Blue Cabarete is here to give you the answer you are looking for.

Wing Foiling has been around from many years now, although in the past year or so companies started pushing this sport.

It is a sport that you can practices on many surfaces, here in Cabarete it is very common to see people nowadays in the ocean.

Wing Foiling is a mix of surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle-boarding. It is very interesting and not very complicated especially if you have some kind of water sports background.

Most people are practicing this new sport on HYDROFOILS. The sensation and feeling it gives you it’s amazing and different from the others. It feels like you are flying on the water and who wouldn’t like that?

This is one of the reason of why people get so addicted to these types of sports.

So, is wing foiling worth it?

Well, from what we have seen so far people from all ages and from any parts of the world are practicing it and truly enjoying it. The sport itself is really fun. It might seem a little lame from land, but wing foiling is just developing, it could bring out so many things to all of us.

Some nice aspects from this sport is that not only you can practice it in flat water, but you can also practice in big waves and freestyle and do downwinders.

Here at Liquid Blue we are so excited to see this sport developing and can’t wait to find out what will bring next.

As you can see in the video, Cabarete is a wing foiling paradise. It has the perfect conditions, the conditions that you need in order to learn or to just train your skills.

So when people ask us if it is worth to get into wing foiling, there will be only one correct answer.


Hope you all enjoyed this video!

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