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If you are a novice or intermediate rider that wants to learn, refine and improve- send us a message, and let's get training.

*Note: All our advanced lessons offer the option of using the BBtalk Intercom system for two-way communication whilst on the water.

If you have been happily ripping it up and kiteboarding is starting to get easy (Too easy!); it’s time to shake things up! Whether you want to become a more confident kiteboarder, ride faster or learn transitions and jumps or do advanced aerial tricks - advanced instruction is by far the best way to learn and yield exponential results in your kiteboarding progression.

Advanced lessons are customizable. If you just want instruction on a specific trick or get challenged in a new direction, we can help with that. When working one-on-one with an instructor, you’ll progress faster than you ever thought possible. During lessons, you will additionally learn to fine-tune your understanding of safety, on-water etiquette, and kite control. Advanced lessons are hands down the easiest, quickest, and safest way to improve your level of kiteboarding.

When you are considering learning something new and developing your kiteboarding skills, we recommend that you enter the water mentally prepared for a more efficient and exponential learning experience. Watching and examining online youtube or Facebook kiteboarding tutorials is one of the best ways to prime your mind. The internet has lots of kiteboarding and kitesurfing tutorials that will help you develop a clearer vision of what you want. This will make your advanced lessons more efficient and beneficial to you.