Water Lessons

Wingfoiling Water Lessons


After taking our Introduction to wingfoing on land, you are now fully ready to jump in the water and on the board!

If you have had any foiling experience before we may be able to skip a step and jump straight into a SUP Foil, for you to be able to handle the balance and experience the lift of the foil while holding the wing on a bigger board.

If you have never been on a foil before wingfoiling, it will require more practice than usual. Starting first with a regular SUP + the wing. You will be dragged by the wind and won't have any sort of risk with a foil hurting you.

Once you dominate Wing SUP you can decide to transition to wingfoiling with a SUP Foil.

Just like Kiteboarding, the main goal is for you to be able to get back to your starting point.