Wingfoil Downwinders

Wingfoil Downwinders


The coast of Cabarete/Puerto Plata is blessed by trade winds. Now that you are a skilled wingfoiler why not do a downwinder? It all depends on what type of wingfoiling youre interested in. If its just riding, wingfoil surf, wingfoiling you name it, there is room for everyone!

There are different downwinders that can be done here in Cabarete.

The main Downwinder that people do is Cabarete, all the way to Playa Encuentro, it’s super fun the coastline is beautiful and is filled with waves to play with. Downwinders are fun to do with a group of people, the more the merrier!
If you or your friend are missing equipment, we can find a way to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the trip.

You can also do a downwinder from’La Boca’’ to Cabarete beach, though the water in Manñanero is quite shallow and not so recommended.

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