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If you are a novice or intermediate rider that wants to learn, refine and improve- send us a message, and let's get training.

*Note: All our advanced lessons offer the option of using the BBtalk Intercom system for two-way communication whilst on the water. If you have been happily ripping it up and kiteboarding is starting to get easy (Too easy!); it’s time to shake things up! Whether you want to become a more confident kiteboarder, ride faster or learn transitions and jumps or do advanced aerial tricks - advanced instruction is by far the best way to learn and yield exponential results in your kiteboarding progression.

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Advanced lessons are customizable. If you just want instruction on a specific trick or get challenged in a new direction, we can help with that. When working one-on-one with an instructor, you’ll progress faster than you ever thought possible. During lessons, you will additionally learn to fine-tune your understanding of safety, on-water etiquette, and kite control. Advanced lessons are hands down the easiest, quickest, and safest way to improve your level of kiteboarding.

When you are considering learning something new and developing your kiteboarding skills, we recommend that you enter the water mentally prepared for a more efficient and exponential learning experience. Watching and examining online youtube or Facebook kiteboarding tutorials is one of the best ways to prime your mind. The internet has lots of kiteboarding and kitesurfing tutorials that will help you develop a clearer vision of what you want. This will make your advanced lessons more efficient and beneficial to you.



Wave riding on a wing foil can be one of the most fun experiences you could ever do on a foil. If you have been prone to foiled before you already know more or less the feeling. Imagine having infinite waves for yourself just by pumping with your wing and generating speed to catch an unlimited amount of waves. With the Wing, you can even ride the deep water waves that do not end up breaking, just by generating enough speed on the wing and having a long mast. Wave riding with the wing can be practiced throughout the entire year in Cabarete, though during winter times you’d be catching the bigger waves, with less strong wind.




Have you ever seen someone riding a surfboard - let alone strapless? What about someone surfing down a wave with his kite and a surfboard? Or how about doing a huge kite loop with a surfboard in their hand? Have you ever dreamed of doing that - yet never tried because for one reason or another?

The discipline of riding a surfboard has many names; “strapless riding”, “kitesurfing”, “directional riding” and various other names. Whatever you want or decide to call it- kiteboarding with a surfboard whether it is freestyle or wave riding is amazing and worth trying. It is a discipline that opens up new levels of excitement and challenge in someone’s kiteboarding career.


If you are someone who enjoys surfing waves but were tired and annoyed of waiting for waves, paddling against the current, or having your waves blown out by the wind - you can now forget about that. When kitesurfing you will overcome all those previous obstacles and 10x how many waves you usually would get surfing. For this reason, many successful surfers have taken up kiting alongside their surfing careers.

Nonetheless, kite surfing is incredibly dynamic and complex; it is not to be taken lightly. This is why we recommend taking kitesurfing lessons with an Instructor to learn the techniques and build a solid foundation to progress.

At Liquid Blue, we will teach you how to ride a directional board, transition and switch toe side. Further lessons include teaching you wave etiquette and how to bring the wind and the wave together to get you catching your first waves in style.

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Want to truly experience the feeling of flight? What about getting out kiteboarding more often? Well, then you should highly consider learning to hydrofoil. Hydrofoiling is the latest craze in the kiteboarding world because of its feeling, positive perks, current world tour events, and Olympic presence shortly.

Hydrofoils are super efficient and can go in much lighter winds than conventional equipment. This makes kiteboarding more accessible throughout the year. A hydrofoil front wing acts like the wings of a plane underwater which gives lift with minimal speed. Once you are in the air you are getting the feeling of flight. Foiling is not just for going fast and racing, it is being used for free riding, freestyle, and in the waves.

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Hydrofoiling is not something we recommend learning on your own. It might appear easy when looking at someone else doing it, though there are many hours of training behind that. When planning to learn to hydrofoil make sure you are supplied an impact vest and helmet.

In Cabarete, we are now offering hydrofoiling lessons. Each hydro foiling lesson is taught according to the student’s needs. Hydro foiling can be very difficult and time-consuming to master on your own.

Our lessons and methods provide the best way to learn, including, theory, tips, and safety steps. We show you the correct methods that will prevent many avoidable accidents, and make your foiling experience more enjoyable.


If you are a novice or intermediate rider that wants to learn, refine and improve- send us a message, and let's get training.