Embark on a wingfoiling adventure along the captivating north coast of the Dominican Republic, where trade winds, open ocean swells, and breathtaking coastlines converge. If you're a skilled wingfoiler seeking the purest form of wind sports, why not elevate your experience with a thrilling downwinder?

Tailored Downwinders in Cabarete

Explore various lengths and technical downwinders right here in Cabarete. Our signature downwinder journey starts from the center of Cabarete, right in front of Liquid Blue, extending all the way to Playa Encuentro. Manageable for most riders, this sweet and short downwinder is filled with playful waves and stunning scenery.

Why Downwinders?

Downwinders are best enjoyed with a group – the more, the merrier! Share the excitement, conquer the waves, and relish the beauty of a downwinder experience that perfectly blends thrill and serenity.


Ready to Ride the Wind? Contact Us to Plan Your DownwindeR

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Want something different? LET'S GO ON A TRIP!

We rarely leave Cabarete, since it is an awesome place to be with and is our home. Through exploring different places around the island is something we strive for on our free days. We’ve been all over South East West North you name it. Now, what about you?

If you want to go somewhere else with guides, helping crew, transport and everything else included let us know. We can make sure you have the fun of your lifetime on this water sports trip!

Send us an email on what you are looking for and we will arrange your trip according to your specifications.

>>Check our Ultimate Foiling guide to have an idea of the places we could go!