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At Liquid Blue, we like to take our time with you, validating every step you take towards becoming an independent kitesurfer. There are 2 steps in your kiteboarding training – first on the sand and then in the water.

Land Lessons - Introduction to Kiteboarding (~2 hours)

At LB, we will teach you kiteboarding in a safe and fun way in 10 steps:

1. Fly the trainee kite to get a feeling of the wind and power of a small kite.

2. Learn the theory of flying a kite, wind speed and direction, wind windows and power zone.

3. Set up the real kite, lines and other equipments and pre-flight check.

4. Train on launching the kite in normal wind condition with assistance.

5. Control of the kite in normal wind condition and learn kite position that create or reduce power. Several exercises will be used in this step.

6. Fly the kite without assistance and understand all safety system

7. Launch and land the kite without assistance.

All these steps have to be completed by the student before we jump to the second part of our learning session in the water. At LB, we understand that everyone learns at a different speed and we will always take enough time for you to feel confident about your skills and ability to fly the kite safely and understand each step.

Just remember that your instructor will always be on your side, watching your every movement and giving tips on how best to handle each situation. Don’t be shy, if you don’t understand something, put your hand up and ask questions, we are here for you!

Private lessons and Group lessons are available for On Land Courses – maximum of 2 or 3 students per instructor.

For this course, Liquid Blue Water Sports Center will provide you with all the equipment and gear such as an appropriate size kite, board, and harness. We suggest you to bring your swimming clothes, water, sunglasses, t-shirt, and sun cream.