The Liquid Blue team is available for private coaching clinics any time of the year. Whether it is one on one or a small group we are capable of bringing quality coaching to you whenever and wherever you may need it.

Private Coaching is the greatest way for you and your group to progress in kiteboarding. Whether it is for a few hours, days, or weeks we can help you overcome your obstacles. Using BBTalkin Communication we can get out on the water up and close with you to help you reach your true kiteboarding potential. Private coaching clinics are exclusive service bookings that can be done hourly, daily, or multiple days.

We provide:

• Custom Coaching Program.
• BBTalkin Headsets for Clear Two-Way Instruction.
• Stance & Board Position Improvements.
• Foil board Lessons.
• Strapless Wave Riding.
• Advance Kite Flying.
• F-One Kite Gear Demo.
• More...