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Water Lessons - Progression in Kiteboarding

After taking our Introduction to kiteboard on land, you are now fully ready to jump in the water and on the board!

Flying the kite in the water is slightly different than on land, so we will practice flying the kite in shallow water, performing safety and self-rescue exercises. We will also have fun while using the body as a board to understand the power of the kite in different positions.

Here are the steps we will take to reach our goal:

8. A series of exercises will explain to you how to relaunch your kite when it crashes in the water and how to handle the specific situation while kiting.

9. Body surfing and body dragging – use the power of the kite to surf with your body. Fun guaranteed!!!

10. Now that you can manage the kite it is time to get up on the board and start riding!! This is the ultimate step where you will get up on the board, start surfing, start edging the board and go upwind.

Have fun!!!

This course is a one-to-one approach, with one instructor fully dedicated to the student. We believe that at this stage, the student needs our full attention to progress fast so we provide private lessons until the student is up on the board and ready to ride by himself/herself. Group lessons are also available at this stage.

For this course, Liquid Blue Water Sports Center will provide you with all the equipment and gear such as an appropriate size kite, board, and harness. We suggest you bring your swimming clothes, water, sunglasses, a t-shirt, and sun cream.

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