wingfoiling in Cabarete


Wing foiling is the evolution of surf foiling, kite foiling and windSurfing. Over the last year wingfoiling has been on top of the list as the new watersport discipline developed by kitesurfers.

It consists of holding a wing (imagine a small kite without lines) while being lifted by a hydrofoil once there has been enough speed generated through the power of the wing. We are sure youve heard of it or seen it before.

As Wingfoiling started to get  more serious and growing in the kite community, it was our priority to learn the sport to be able to share this discipline with our clients and friends and bring them to the wingfoiling world.

WHy Wingfoiling?

- Why not? It’s an amazing sport, great workout fun, not much equipment is needed, easy to transport, less set up and quite addictive! You can go on all types of wind conditions depending on the size of the wing, you can surf endless waves with the power of the wing, you can jump with the wingfoil, downwinders are mega fun and learning Wingfoiling will get the FOMO out of you!

Cabarete is the ideal beach to learn wingfoiling, heres why:

- Wide Beach
- Less People
- More room for mistakes
- Deep water for the foil
- No reef

If you're interested in Wingfoiling, send us a message!