1 Reason you should travel to Dominican Republic in 2021


Whether you were a couch potato throughout the global pandemic of COVID-19 or were one of the few living actively pushing themselves throughout the lockdown… we all noticed one thing in 2020-

We noticed is that nothing is guaranteed only change is. We could create a long list of why to visit Dominican Republic though one reason and one reason only is enough we believe!

Life is short and now is the time to live and experience life because who knows what tomorrow brings!

After reading that statement one of three things will happen. Some will disagree, some will explode and others will simply nod and close this tab and begin searching their calendars for the soonest possible date to book a ticket and come down. 

If you are still reading that means you have not exploded though you don’t believe that reason alone is enough to justify a trip to the Dominican Republic in 2021. 

If that is the case please email us with your reasons why you shouldn’t travel to the Dominican Republic in 2021 at [email protected]


The Conversation Continues

We wanted to leave this here though we believe we should add couple points for the skeptics, cynics and doubters out there to maybe convert a few over to the light of our reasoning.

The Dominican Republic use to have a tourism campaign and slogan which was “The Dominican Republic Has it All”. This campaign was quite a success globally with good reason! 

This is one of the few countries that actually has it all from the “good” to the “bad” with the “good” greatly outweighing the “bad”; we would say roughly 97:1! 

We have sunshine, mountains, oceans, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, wild life, cities, beaches, culture, warmth, fresh air, global access and amazing people. There are not many places in the world that have even a few of these points, let alone all of them and more…

The team of Liquid Blue primarily loves salty experiences (occasionally fresh ones). Kiteboarding, Winging, Surfing, Foiling, Wakeboarding, Jet Skiing, Motorcycle Touring to different beaches, Cliff Jumping to name a few and the list goes on. There are people who visit and or even live here and don’t indulge in any of these activities yet have a great time because their world revolves around culinary, cycling, downhill mountain biking, paramotoring, walking, running, swimming, agriculture, philanthropy, relaxing and so forth.  

There is yet an activity that I have yet to see emerge in the Dominican Republic. People from all walks of life and social classes are able to not only live though thrive in the Dominican Republic.

Many of the greatest experiences we have had have been relatively “free”.

The country has various airports with many different connections which allows most of the world to access the country with relative ease wether its one connection, two connections or direct – you can get to the island and once your on the island to move around is also quite easy.

The day to day living cost in the Dominican Republic really varies, you can be on a budget or be budget less and have an amazing time. 

Recently we were talking with someone visiting from New York during the pandemic and after a few days here they mentioned they could see themselves living here; as it has everything and more that the city doesn’t. We mention this because it’s not an uncommon comment, it’s actually common. 

Many who visit the Dominican Republic have their eyes opened to how life could be for them. Free and pure. Sure… it is not always up sometimes it rains in paradise…  though you can make the best of everyday even if its raining- nothing is perfect and if it was it would be boring. We need the downs to appreciate the ups. 

The conclusion we have come to is that if you are closed off and don’t have an open mind, no matter how many reasons we list it wont be enough. Instead of focusing on the ups you’ll focus on the downs and 1 reason not to do something generally outweighs 100 reasons why to do something.

If you are still reading, you must ask yourself “What am I waiting for?”

We did mention to visit Dominican Republic as we truly believe it is a country most people should visit at least once though we are sure there are other paradises as such. It won’t be easy to find though it cannot be impossible. 

If you end up finding a paradise that compares with what the Dominican Republic as a whole – let us know by email as we are interested! (Email us your paradise at [email protected] ).

To conclude the conclusion, this 2021 get out there! Travel the world, live, love, laugh and experience life to its fullest! The future is not guaranteed and who knows what tomorrow brings so don’t risk doing nothing! Do something – wether its visiting Cabarete, Las Terrenas, Punta Cana, Miches, Santiago, Monte Cristi, Punta Rucia, Barahona, Pedernales, Constanza, Jarabacoa, Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic or some other place in the world – do it! You have our approval.

Warm and Sunny Greetings from the Dominican Republic

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