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How to Use a Prone Wing Foil Board | Prone Surf Foil Board for Winging

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Hey guys welcome back! Today we are with Charles Osterlund, who will show you in this video down below ” how to use a prone wing foil board” Wondering how to start with a prone sinking board? Watch this video to find out more! In the video above Charles uses a Small 33 L Board for more freedom when riding. He is riding a 12×80 F-One Phantom board with a 4.2 F-One Strike wing with around 20 knots of wind Here are the techniques on how to get out of the water: 1. Place your knees on the board to find the balance to sit in the water. 2. The nose of the board should be out of the water. 3. Grab the wing for stability and bring it above you. 4. Stand up on your feet and get ready …

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Affordable DIY Foil Waist Leash with Charles Osterlund

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Welcome back guys to Liquid Blue Cabarete . The past couple of week we have been trying to bring in some new valuable tips and tricks for this new sport called Winging. Everyone has been asking us what kind of waist leash there is and if we have some DIY and affordable waist leash solutions for you! Of course we do! Waist leashes nowadays costs around 50 USD or more. We now have the perfect solution that is relatively free or it can be very inexpensive for most people. Most kites, specifically F-One Kites , come with a velcro belt that could be perfectly used as a waist leash on the budget. You can basically wrap this belt around your waist and depending on your size it will eventually fit. How does this work? Many of you might be wondering …

Wing-foiling vs Windsurfing | Comparisons

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Welcome back to our blog! Charles Osterlund here from Liquid Blue Cabarete We have received a couple of questions lately regarding these two very similar in name but very different water-sports: wing-foiling & windsurfing. Are wing-foiling & windsurfing the same sport? Are they really similar? Check this video below or keep reading for a more detailed explanation! The answer to this question is very hard to elaborate but we can say yes and no. They are similar in the sense of how you feel the power coming in might be alike to when someone is windsurfing but when you are wing-foiling you are moving a little bit different because the power comes in different positions compared to windsurfing where it is always in the same spot. This is one of the main differences I felt after trying both disciplines. As …

Best Wing Foiling Helmet? Simba Helmet Review

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Hello from Charles with Liquid Blue Cabarete! Today we managed to finally test a new protective piece of equipment. A new helmet! The Simba Surf Helmet which is cool looking, light and protective. The helmet comes in different colors and sizes to fit any size head and anyones color preference. My initial test on land proves that it is definitely an interesting contender in terms of premium helmets that should be considered by anyone who is actually looking to protect themselves. Now I managed to test this helmet on the water. The helmet was super light, fit perfectly, muffles wind though makes communication clear and was a fashion statement out there! I believe the helmet will work for all water sports and even we have seen has the chance to work with further accessories like amphibian spex water goggles or …

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3 Different Ways to Get Standing on a Wingofoil

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Hello from Charles with Liquid Blue Cabarete! Thinking to Wing Foil? Already Wing Foiling though having some issues getting standing? Want a potential solution? Watch this video and reach out to us after for any further questions/comments- A lot of people only try one way of standing up and struggle. Depending what stage you are at in your development, the spot you ride at, your strengths and weaknesses (stiff knees, sore ankles)… you might benefit from one style or another. Personally I believe it is important to be aware that there is more than one way to do something! This video will show you how to do three different ways though on land. Getting on the knees sideways to the board’s nose Straight with the board on your knees Standing & then bringing your wing up (in my opinion it …

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Wing Foiling: interesting facts.

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Wing Foiling: interesting facts, history, & trends. Wing Foiling is becoming the most trending extreme water sport in the whole Cabarete Bay. And the rest of the world? Let’s find out!We at Liquid Blue have been practicing and exploring this discipline since the beginning, about three years ago. But this sport has its own history and became popular somewhere else before reaching the Dominican Republic waters. What is wing foiling, and when did it start? How will it be in the future? Keep reading to find out. Wing Foiling: interesting facts by LIQUID BLUE CABARETE Charles with the first ever Wing Foil equipment to be seen in Cabarete. Good times! ABOUT WING FOILING Wing Foil, Wing surfing, or Winging is a new board-riding sport that is booming in Cabarete and in the rest of the world. It combines the disciplines …

Is it Worth Coming To Cabarete, Dominican Republic?

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Welcome Back to Liquid Blue Cabarete!Today we will be answering another question people have been asking us recently. Is it worth coming to Cabarete?  The answer is yes. Do you follow us on our social media, do you keep up with our daily posts? If you do, you already know what we are talking about and you probably have seen how beautiful this place is. The sun is shining everyday, there is constant wind and nie waves on a daily basis, we got an amazing community, and so much more.  Cabarete is the perfect place to be during the winter time, especially if you work remotely, or if you enjoy watersports as much as we do!  If you live in the city and work remotely, there is no reason to stay there when you can just come down here and …

Helpful Tips on How to Wingfoil

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Hey guys! Welcome back to Liquid Blue Cabarete. Today we will be talking about Wing Foiling, and give you a few tips on how to start & how to practice this sport. Wing foiling is developing very quickly here in Cabarete and we hope you will be next to learn. Once you are into this sport, you will realize things change very quickly as it is developing pretty fast. Whatever you may read here, in a few months might be completely different as everything is changing and evolving as we speak. Here at Liquid Blue we do recommend having some kind of experience in foiling, surfing, kitesurfing or paddle boarding before getting into this sport. This for sure will help you get started. Picking a board Starting with a 100-130 liters board is a good way to start, the bigger …

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Cabarete’s Live Cams

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Cabarete’s Live Cams: keep an eye on the beach, the wind & the sun. We keep saying that Cabarete is the “Mecca of kitesurfing”. It simply is the truth.The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is home to one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world, our lively Caribbean town, loved by all visitors and locals for active lifestyle opportunities, the most friendly and largest water sports community, and the perfect weather conditions. To help you keep track of Cabarete’s wind and waves conditions, some of our town’s beachfront locations installed Cameras that are live streaming 24/7 to keep you up to date with all water sports lovers’ main obsession: wind, waves, and weather conditions. Keep reading below to see all of Cabarete’s Live Cams. Cabarete’s Live Cams KEEP AN EYE ON THE BEACH 1. CABARETE’S LIVE CAM: VIEW …

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No Wind in Cabarete? Here’s what you can do!

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No Wind in Cabarete? No problem! Here’s a guide to other things you can’t miss during your stay in Cabarete. Cabarete is known for the top wind and weather conditions for Kitesurfing, wing foiling and windsurfing, with 300+ days of wind per year, starting at 12 pm. There is the chance though, that you might get a few non-windy days during your stay in town. No problem: this might be a good time to enjoy some of the many activities, tours, and top locations that Cabarete has to offer. From endless stretch of white sand to the stunning mountain tops, the waterfalls, the lagoons, the rainforest, hidden caves, tours such as canyoning, kayaking and many others, Cabarete really has it all. Kitesurfing season in Cabarete Kitesurfing season in Cabarete is on fire. Usually, the best time to kitesurf is from …