10 reasons why F-One is the best brand to buy in Cabarete for Kiteboarding/foil/wing.


We all know Cabarete is the Mecca of Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic, where you can imagine that there are multiple kite schools and spots for you to practice kiteboarding. There are also a bunch of places where you could acquire your gear, from used to brand spanking new.

Though lots of people ask themselves what’s the best kiteboarding brand or what would be the best for their buck. Everyone that travels has a different financial situation, which could have a huge impact when purchasing kiteboarding gear.

TIPS on getting kiteboarding gear for the first time:

Kiteboarding Lessons in Cabarete – Liquid Blue Cabarete

Some people like to buy their kiteboarding gear before even knowing how to ride properly, which sometimes could be a huge mistake, some people can also afford any kiteboarding brand or gear and they spend $3,000USD thinking they will kite like a pro when in reality they might just boost their ego and ride the same as they were before.

Basically you just finished your kiteboarding lessons, you can go down and upwind with ease and you are tired of renting equipment in other words… you want your own gear.

Since the financial situation is a factor this is our take on buying NEW or USED GEAR.

Buying used gear: Buying used gear isn’t a problem at all as long you know what youre paying for, and the value/conditions of the equipment you are thinking of buying.


  • Ask the right questions: Asking the right questions will save you time and money when buying a kite.For example

    ‘’ What year is the kite?/ Has it ever been broken/repaired/ Was this kite used for personal use or for teaching purposes?/ is this kite big enough for me?/ Am I buying the right kite for the upcoming or current wind season? You dont want to be buying a 6m kite in Winter Time 10% chance you will ever need it.


best kiteboarding brand 2019

Jeury: ” If you are a begginer you can consider getting a bigger kite than you would use. If you are a beginner depending on your weight and size I would suggest a board bigger than 136cm tall”


Make sure that the kite does not have a repair on the bladder and that it has its original kite bar, not a different brand.

Buying a new kite: Sometimes people debate a lot on buying a new kite, though things to keep in mind is that you are sure that you will receive at least 1-2 years of full warranty on your equipment. Depending on the brand you buy in Cabarete you will receive a different service.

Here I will explain why F-One is the Best Brand to buy in Cabarete.

Picture this: You are thinking of buying a car and when you are doing research you search to see if the car is any good, you search if it’s worth your buck and you also search if its hard to find the pieces of the car in the country or town you live in.

Well, this is exactly why F-One is the best brand to buy in Cabarete, you deal with direct distributors in the Country, Liquid Blue Cabarete, most likely will have any piece you break or end up missing, service is A1 and trustworthy, Full Warranty with no extra charge. If you’d like to buy a specific model or kite you can always PRE-ORDER and get the kite you wanted as long as it is available.

Kite is not the only product F-One Sells. F- One covers the full regimen of the wind sports from Foil, Surfboards, Wings, harness with their accesorty brand Manera, Impact Vest, Wetsuits and more! All their products include a warranty on them.

If by any chance you have another brand and still missing a key piece from your kite/board you could always cruise by the Liquid Blue Concept Store and ask to see if the piece is available, we always buy everything just to give the service since no one in town has them we make sure you can kite.

10 Reasons why F-One is the best kite to buy/rent in Cabarete (Lbcabarete)


  1. It is certain one of the best performance we have ever received while using their gear according to us and many pro kiters.
  2. We are official F-One Distributors, buying here and buying in the States is pretty much the same thing.
  3. Warranty for 2 Years anywhere in the world
  4. We carry spare parts for any situation you may have with your kite/board/wing/foil/
  5. We sell Brand New gear and Used Gear
  6. You can Pre-order any gear youd like that is available at the moment and get it landed in Cabarete without paying for extra weight on your flight.
  7. Customer Service will be gladly there to help you out to find a solution on any problem you may have.
  8. For rental we adapt to what’s best for you and we have a catered customer service to help you out
  9. If you dont want to move from where you are located we can go to where you are located!
  10. At Liquid Blue you can leave your kite/board and get it repaired.


As I was writing this Article F-One just won Brand of the Year at AWSI

So what are you waiting for? Send us a message to PRE- ORDER your F-One gear and get it directly in Cabarete!
”If we have in stock we will save it for you with a downpayment”

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