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Affordable DIY Foil Waist Leash with Charles Osterlund


Welcome back guys to Liquid Blue Cabarete .

The past couple of week we have been trying to bring in some new valuable tips and tricks for this new sport called Winging.

Everyone has been asking us what kind of waist leash there is and if we have some DIY and affordable waist leash solutions for you!

Of course we do!

Waist leashes nowadays costs around 50 USD or more. We now have the perfect solution that is relatively free or it can be very inexpensive for most people.

Most kites, specifically F-One Kites , come with a velcro belt that could be perfectly used as a waist leash on the budget.

You can basically wrap this belt around your waist and depending on your size it will eventually fit.

How does this work?

Many of you might be wondering how this method works and if it is even safe.

Normally the board leash stays attached to your ankle but in this case since you are using a waist leash then you can directly attach it to it and slide it in the back so it is not around your feet or your hands, and it is always pointed backwards.

After testing this method couple of times, crashing, and much more I would say it can be either safe that other leashes.

There is also a lot of people who are using this as well for their wing.

The wing leash which would normally go around your wrist can also go around your waist.

I have personally never tried this, since the leash around my wrist works pretty well and is pretty comfortable in my opinion.

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Let us know in the comment section how this leash solution helped you in any ways and if it works well as much as it works for us!

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