Best Wing Foiling Helmet? Simba Helmet Review


Hello from Charles with Liquid Blue Cabarete!

Today we managed to finally test a new protective piece of equipment.

A new helmet! The Simba Surf Helmet which is cool looking, light and protective.

The helmet comes in different colors and sizes to fit any size head and anyones color preference.

My initial test on land proves that it is definitely an interesting contender in terms of premium helmets that should be considered by anyone who is actually looking to protect themselves.

Now I managed to test this helmet on the water.

The helmet was super light, fit perfectly, muffles wind though makes communication clear and was a fashion statement out there!

I believe the helmet will work for all water sports and even we have seen has the chance to work with further accessories like amphibian spex water goggles or surf hats to block out sunlight.

I must still test this out for long sessions. The visibility and comfort is great which is essential when riding especially on longer sessions. I get inquiries about which helmet should I use and it is always tough to answer. I believe though that the SIMBA helmet will be my most recommended helmet unless you are looking for a really budget helmet which is something like a PRO-TEC.

Simba helmets run for around 200 USD online while a PRO-TEC might be 60 USD.

To summarize, the Simba helmet will be a fun piece of premium protection to wear during every session whilst on the water.

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Hope you enjoyed watching another one of our wing foiling tips and tricks videos.

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