How To Pump Up Your Wing? Cabarete – Dominican Republic


Welcome back guys,

Today we are publishing this video to show you in a very easy way how to pump your wing!

Charles is pumping a brand new 6 m F-One Swing! Remember that these wings can only be pumped with a special adaptor.

Once you take your wing out of the bag, you will have to open it up and just as a kite make sure that your back is to the wind!


Take your leash and hook it on to the leash spot right in the center, once is hooked on you will need to open up the reactor valve, and pull it out, and finally get pumping.

When you are pumping your wing make sure you follow the PSI that it states on the gear.

Once you are done pumping, close the valve, and secure the wing somewhere while doing something else.

Attach it either to a pole or your board and you are ready to GO!

Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed our video!

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