Breakfast in Cabarete


“Breakfast in Cabarete: Our Current Favorites”


Ahh, morning in the Caribbean. Sunny blue skies, a cool breeze, the sound of waves crashing– oh, wait, that was actually a stomach growl. Ahem, sounds like someone’s hungry! What better way to start your day or finish your morning sesh than with a hearty and delicious breakfast? Whether you’ve just gotten out of the water, yoga (or bed), surely you’ve been wondering about what your first meal should be. 

Craving a waffle? No problem. Longing for some fresh tropical fruits? Please! Rather have a bowl? Now, you’re just teasing me. Fortunately for you, Cabarete is full of options when it comes to that time of day–or any, for that matter. Here are our current favorite spots to enjoy a Cabarete-style breakfast



Breakfast in Cabarete

Fresh Fresh Cafe Cabarete


A crowd favorite, Fresh Fresh is definitely a must-visit when looking for nutritional, well-balanced meals and a cozy environment. Conveniently located in the heart of town, this contemporary café offers a welcoming atmosphere, wonderful service, and, best of all, savory combinations that you will never forget, at a reasonable price.

Created by an amazing, passionate family that follows the same principles by which they live and eat, they’re absolutely dedicated to this lifestyle and as a result, Fresh Fresh came to be. The menu? They’ve so generously put together a creative combination of vegan, vegetarian and nonvegetarian options for everyone to enjoy!

In addition to these options, which include bowls, sandwiches, wraps, and more, they also treat you to an extensive menu of all kinds of smoothies with both national and imported fruits. Have specific needs? They even have a menu of boosters (superfoods) that tailor to those. On top of that, they offer a wide variety of coffees, teas, and both national and international beers and wines. 

What makes Fresh Fresh, for lack of a better word, fresher? The fact that they sell absolutely organic products, be it dried fruits or fruit snacks, cocoa powder, granola, tea, oils, sunscreen and more! 

There’s definitely a little something for everyone!

Snacking at Fresh Fresh Cafe Cabarete

Believe me when I tell you, you won’t want to miss out on fresh meals and drinks, as well as enjoying yourself in a super relaxing setting. You won’t regret it! After all, you’ve got to remember to “LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and EAT FRESH.”


WHERE. Carretera Principal Cabarete, in front of…

DIETS: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten-Free Options

FEATURES.:  WiFi, Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

HRS:  Everyday from 8 AM-9 PM

COST: $-$$



 The best coffee in the Caribbean is grown in the mountains of DR and, well, we all know you can never go wrong with a dose of coffee and waffles to get your day going! Thankfully, Vagamundo caters to those of us who yearn for a nice hot cup of high quality coffee in the morning (regardless of how you take it). This unique third-wave coffee shop was created as an extension of a non-profit organization named Niños de la Luz that gives hope and a loving home to street kids in the DR, Venezuela and South Sudan. 

Breakfast in Cabarete

Vagamundo Cabarete, Coffe, Menu


Aside from being known for their rich coffee, they do have options for you non-drinkers! Their variety of imported loose-leaf teas is a perfect alternative. Opting for a juice instead? Their locally sourced fruits are made daily into refreshing and delicious juices! Pair these up with a warm gourmet waffle, a variety of options for toast, or get a smoothie bowl instead–and, believe me, all of the above will blow you away.


Vagamundo Coffee & Waffles, Cabarete

What’s amazing about Vagamundo is the way it invites you in with an incredibly welcoming ambiance and delightful service, making it your go-to place to catch up on some reading or work, make new friends, support local artists, or even listen to some live music. So charming, you won’t want to leave!



WHERE: Carretera Principal, next to Las Almendras Restaurant

DIETS: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

FEATURES: WiFi,Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Live Music

HRS: Mon-Sat 7 AM-5 PM, Sundays  9 AM-3 PM

COST: $-$$





Local Fruit Stands in Cabarete

Last, but most definitely not least, are our very own Dominican fruit vendors. Without them, we wouldn’t know what the satisfying feeling of a quickly prepared, fresh plate of exotic fruit is like. 


I mean, they do grow in our backyard, but somehow the whole experience– choosing which vendor, whether by chasing or calling them down, or walking across the street to them, building a relationship while they prepare your plate (even when dealing with a language barrier), and the overall feeling you get when you receive said plate, after nearly drooling on the guy– is priceless. 


Well, more like between US$1-2, depending on just how much you want and, no joke, a dollar’s worth is more than enough!

Take your pick from some of the assorted tropical fruits usually available, such as: Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Banana, Starfruit, Limoncillo and Coconut.Of course, this depends on the season, but then again, our weather-perfect days allows us to enjoy the fruits of their labor- YEAR ROUND!. If you’re dying for some good ol’ fresh Coconut water, just ask! It is that simple. 

Overwhelmed? Tell me about it. The Good news is, you have all of these and more at your disposal in basically every corner of town. Unreal, right? Welcome to the Caribbean. 



WHERE: Walk a block’s worth heading East or West. Everywhere. 

DIETS: Fruitarianism

FEATURES: Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Sometimes mobile, Great service

HRS: As early as 7AM-7PM


Toughie? Don’t worry. Regardless of what your day’s “schedule” is looking like, you’ll have plenty of time to experience each of these spots. Just make sure you top up before, or after, any of the m
any activities that this unique beach town has to offer and, of course– don’t forget your sunscreen! 

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