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Have you ever tried strapless freestyle? Well if you didn’t then DO IT and if you know what I am talking about keep reading this article and discover everything you need to know about the MAGNET, F-one’s latest release.

Strapless freestyle is a very demanding sport, both for the rider and for the gear. We needed to answer to our rider’s needs. Building a board which would help land the tricks they’ve been training for months, and resisting to the harshest landings and crashes.

2.3kgs! The lightest kite strapless board ever built – a technology capable to resist the most extreme tricks – sticks to your feet throughout the whole jump – huge comfort and control thanks to its exclusive slim profile and immediately improves your riding skills.

Transform your ride with the MAGNET CARBON, the most innovative strapless board on the market.

Are you in Cabarete and would like to purchase this terrific board?

Come visit us at Liquid Blue concept store in Cabarete, Dominican Republic!

Want your own? Pre-order it by contacting us directly or ordering on our web store.

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