Introduction to Wing Foiling – Cabarete, DR



Charles Osterlund from Liquid Blue took some time out of the water to explain to us any tips he thinks could possibly help anyone out there who is new to wing foiling!

What is wing foiling?

It is pretty much a new water sport, one of the latest to be exact ; if you are in Cabarete, well you probably barely heard about it.

If you are familiar with the foiling world, then it is pretty much the same. Except that this time instead of flying a kite, you will use a swing. A swing pretty much looks like a windsurf but it works kinda differently.

Charles will explain to us all tips that he believes are necessary to know, no matter at what riding level you are.

He explains how it is easier to get introduced to wing foil if you have windsurfed, kitesurfed, paddleboarded,foiled or surfed before. Having any type of water sports background will truly help you during your wing foiling lessons and will make the learning process easier and faster.

One of the things Charles mentions is how fast these new sports have been evolving. On a month to month basis we discover new tricks, new tips, new ways of riding the foil, new gear coming out.

It is almost impossible to be caught up with everything that is been going on in the wing foiling world but here in Cabarete we are trying our best.

We have some pretty cools spots to ride with consistent wind and nice waves. Cabarete is the capital of water sports, no wonder it has become a wing foiling paradise as well.

We will be back with more videos and some new blog posts to explain in details everything you need to know about this very popular sport. Our aim is to grow this sport in the Dominican Republic as well as remind everyone why Cabarete and the island in general truly is the Mecca for water sports!

– The Liquid Blue Team

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