Soon we will all be set free and can go back to travelling and discovering more kiteboarding, surfing, winging spots.

Bay Area Kitesurf provided us with a full guide when it comes to making the right choice with board-bags for travelling!

This is specifically made for wing boards but soon we will release an article that explains options for other boards and maybe kites.

Manera is working on a dedicated boardbag series for Rocket Wing boards but it won’t be available until the fall. In the meantime, Manera has two good options, and they are coming from their SUP collection.

Manera Double 7’11

Below are the specs of the F-One Rocket Wing Boards v2 and v1, as you can see it won’t fit your traditional surf bag.

RW V2Dims cmDims inVol. LWeight kgs
5’0152 x 58.5 cm5’0 x 23″60 l4.5
5’4162 x 63.5 cm5’4 x 25″75 l5.1
5’5165 x 68.5 cm5’5 x 27″85l5.4
5’10178 x 71 cm5’10 x 28″105l6.2
6’0183 x 76 cm6’0 x 30″120 l6.9
6’6198 x 78.5 cm6’6 x 31″140 l7.5
RW V1Dims cmDims inVol. LWeight kgs
5’0152 x 56.0 cm5’0 x 22″60 l4.4
5’4162 x 58.5 cm5’4 x 23″70 l4.9
5’8172 x 61.0 cm5’8 x 24″80l5.4
5’10178 x 63.5 cm5’10 x 25″90l5.7
6’0183 x 66 cm6’0 x 26″100 l6.1
6’6198 x 76 cm6’6 x 30″135 l7.3
Rocket Wing 5’5 and 6’0 in this picture

We hope you enjoyed this article and have found the perfect fit for your wing board.

Here at Liquid Blue we are so excited to find out what Manera will release this fall regarding board-bags and travel accessories.

As always, we will keep you posted : )


The Liquid Blue Team!

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