Our guys at Bay Area Kitesurf just interviewed Chris Macdonald, a 14 years old wing HERO!

At such a young age he’s been doing impressive tricks and he is progressive insanely fast.

Can’t wait to see this kid advancing and going all the way to the top!

In the meanwhile, enjoy this little interview and be inspired by this amazing young athlete.

We met Chris & Chris Jr. MacDonald, dad & son early in the spring during the lockdown at Crissy Beach in San Francisco. The parkings were closed but not the beach, which was just a great way for all kiters, windsurfers and wingers to get their daily dose of happy water time, and this is the time of the year where it blows hard every day. Young Chris progression in a few months has been quite phenomenal and we are happy to report he has join our F-One & Manera National team program.

It has been amazing to see a lot of young kids join the wing revolution. This is so refreshing. Chris is currently ahead of the pack and showing skills that are just crazy for his young age. For the summer the MacDonald family moved to Hood River and we caught up with Chris after a post epic Hatchery day (+25kts) where we asked him a few questions. And to not forget: Chris LOVES to jump!

Name: Christopher Graeme MacDonald

Age: 14

Height: 5′

Where do you live throughout the year: Fairfax, California USA

Favorite spot: Crissy Field

Hood River Favorite spot: The Hatchery

La Ventana Favorite spot: Rasta Where are you attending school and what grade are you currently in: I am enrolled in Hood River High School Options academy. Its a study at your own pace program. I want to get the full high school experience but Zoom school from 8am to 3pm doesn’t sound fun….especially when its windy.

When did you start wing foiling: Well it was pretty recently… I would say three months?

Let’s talk about your water sports background: Which water sports where you involved prior to wing foiling? Kiting ? Surfing ? Wakeboarding. Well my dad used to tow me across the pool on a wakeboard with a pulley to the diving board when I was really young. We wakeboarded in the delta as well. I started kiting two years ago and fell in love with the twin tip and surfboard. Then last December I started kite foiling. I learned behind the boat then moved to the kite. I love to surf anytime I can and can’t wait to prone foil.

What are your favorite wind conditions: 25 to 30 knot and huge swell for jumping

Favorite size swing wing to fly: 2.8m for sure. That’s my magic wing I can do all my tricks on it

Go to foil and board combination, what do you ride on a typical day and why: That’s a good question things are changing so fast. Right now I love my F-One Rocket Surf 4.2′ 28L with foot straps and 105 Carbon Mast with 530 Escape monobloc. It’s so fast and I can boost really high. I also like the 800 Mirage with the 85cm mast. My mom rides the F-One Rocket 5’5 85L which is surprisingly fun in really light winds to just play around and practice tricks.

Idols and professional athletes, do you have an idol you look up to in the wind sports industry? Why and what makes this person stand out to you? You know there’s a guy here in Hood River named Chris Anderson, we have been riding at the Hatch together all summer. He has been a professional wind athlete his whole life and has taught me so much about wind sports and life in general. Whenever I ride with him at the Hatch he introduces me to everyone and is really cool. I also got the chance to ride with Chuck Patterson who is a legend also. 

Favorite post wing meal: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We make them every morning and take them to the beach. It’s crazy but after an epic Wing session PB and J tastes amazing, and of course who doesn’t love Chicken Wings! There’s a place on the top of Mt. Hood that has the best wings on the planet.

Is there a location you dream of wing foiling one day? Sprecks at Maui for sure, anywhere where there’s good surf

Who’s you favorite person to follow on instagram: Thats easy, Kook of the day!

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