New Wing Foiler in Cabarete – Samuela Mule


Samuela Mule, a local ripper, has passed by our shop yesterday with the idea to add a new F-ONE toy to her collection.

She has been interested in winging ever since this new sport came out and was waiting for the right time to order a wing for herself.

As you can see in this video, she is still practicing with a paddle board… Even though Samuela can foil really well, she believes it will be good for her if she practices a bit more before going on a wing foil board.

She will get there, we are sure of that : )

Also Samuela got herself a 4.2 m swing. This size works really well on a wind range 15-30. Also Samuela is pretty skinny. Since she doesn’t weight much, the 4.2 m is the perfect fit for her.

F-ONE SWING (WING) is Simple, Clean and Light.

Samuela who is also a passionate kitesurfer, completely fell in love with this brand new sport. & the equipment we provided her.

She believes this new sport gives you different feelings and emotions, that is exactly why she LOVES IT.

Also as others may say, it makes you feel free.


Well, because when you wing, a harness is not needed.

For all kite-surfers out there, this will bring you a totally different feeling and experience.

Samuela will soon come back to our shop and purchase a whole board set, when she knows she is ready.

In the meanwhile we are sure she will enjoy her new toy.

If you like to try Winging out or are ready to get your first equipment set, don’t hesitate to contact us via email [email protected] or through Whatsapp: +1 (849) 271-9573

Rider: @samizulu

Videographer: @suamicavallo

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