Should You Visit Playa Sosua?


Out of all the wonders in the world and all the amazing places, The island of  Dominican Republic and the province of Puerto Plata is lucky to have such a beautiful beach called ‘’Playa Sosua’’.

Playa Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Photo: Hedwin de los Santos

Playa Sosua, is one of the most renowned beaches of the Dominican Republic, due to its beautiful scenery, crystal clear water and all the amazing surroundings. These are a few of the reasons why it is one of the main tourist and local beaches on the North Coast.  

If you ask yourself, ‘’ Why should I visit Playa Sosua”

Well, our answer is very easy, why not?! There are many activities to do and is perfect for all kinds of public. If you are a single man, woman or a family, you will find all types of attractions for all ages to keep entertained and having fun all day long at the beach.

Here are the most common Attractions you will find in Playa Sosua:

Banana Boats: Banana Boats are common in all the tourists beach of the country though going on a banana boat in Sosua is different than all the other places, since you have the beautiful views of  Sosua Bay, all the mountains around it and you can visit different beaches near Playa Sosua, just like Playa Alicia, another amazing place to visit but, I will not get in too many details yet.

Snorkeling: Snorkeling in Sosua can be done in two different ways:
You can have your own gear and swim in the crystal clear water, all around the beach looking for all the reefs spots, where you will find all types of sea creatures. Definitely a fun experience between you and your family.


Go with a Snorkeling/Diving Agency:  they will take you on a snorkeling tour to the best reefs spots in Sosua, on a little boat saving you the time of exploring and taking you right into the action. Our Best choice would be Dive Cabarete, which have a lot of knowledge about the reefs in Sosua and are also super friendly people. Their service also includes all the gear and transport in case you need to get from Cabarete to Playa Sosua.

Dive Cabarete, Playa Sosua, Dominica Republic.

Scuba Diving: Luckily there are many companies that offer this service, though our to go company would be Dive Cabarete as I talked about them before, they do all types of different dives from 2 hours a day, ‘’Night Diving’’ to a full day of diving and exploring the North Coast. 

They also have the service to train you for you to get your PADI certificate, which will allow you to Scuba Dive anywhere in the World according to your experience. You can visit their site by clicking HERE to get more insights about what they offer.

Catamaran Party: Catamaran in Sosua is a great opportunity for young but also adults to have a fun time with family and friends and get to meet new people. Tip Top Catamaran offers the service and we guarantee you it will be an unforgettable experience. You can do All in 1, you can sail through the ocean, snorkel with good quality gear, have fun while dancing and learning the local dance moves just like merengue and bachata, eat food and finish up with the golden hour of a perfect sunset. It just can’t get better than that for a full day trip.

Surfing & Paddle Boarding: Surfing in Sosua? YES! Surfing in Sosua is possible as long as the conditions are right for it. Sosua is located in a bay with a stretch of 700m approximately and if the SWELL is big and comes from the North than Playa Sosua becomes Surfers Paradise.
Why? Sosua, when gets hit by a big North Swell, gets a perfect right hand and left-hand point break with strong offshore winds, meaning you can surf it all day! The best tide would be low tide. It is Divided as I said by 2 peaks. The Main peak used to be a left-hand break that breaks right on the middle of the beach,  with such a strong offshore wind that you would need a board with more volume, to paddle faster before the offshore spray blinds you.

The other Point Break off Playa Sosua is a ”RARE GEM” since it has only been surfed 3 times in its entire history. It used to be a 30ft deep Reef spot and then Hurricane Maria came and brought all the sand, all the way from Playa Alicia to Playa Sosua, and it Became a perfect point break that we called it ”Dominican Snapper Rocks” since it broke on the edge of the rock and formed this nice long right-hander perfect for all kinds of tricks and barrels all the way to shore.

Athlete: Roberto Pereyra, Playa Sosua, Hurricane Maria, Dominican Republic.
Photo : Zuzana Sikurova.

Paddle Boarding:
Hands down one of the coolest places to go paddle boarding would be Playa Sosua. You will want to go on a calm afternoon with clear skies and after 5:00 pm to enjoy the majestic sunset that Sosua Bay has to offer. Pauhana Surf Camp does these kinds of trips and they will pick you up at your location and have all the equipment ready to go once you arrive, They usually do it on big groups and this activity is open for all ages, from kids that know how to swim to adults.

After Having a Fun day at Playa Sosua, if you snorkel scuba dived or just relaxed and got a massage by a Dominican lady masseuse, the culinary options are EXCELLENT to refuel.

Chill Day, Playa Sosua, Dominican Republic. Photo: Hedwin de los Santos

Playa Sosua is filled with good restaurants for an approximate distance of 700m, serving you all kinds of delicious local dishes that you will usually find at any beach in the Dominican Republic. The most common dish would be a fresh fried fish with rice & beans, a side of salad and yet the most important ‘’tostones’’ same as fried plantains. But wait there’s more! You can have the pleasure of eating these delicious foods that are usually ready after 12: pm till night time, and in my personal opinion I enjoyed one of the best dinners with my friends and family at sunset, looking all the way to the horizon while eating some delicious food and the dreamy orange sun, setting beneath the mountains of Puerto Plata.

Hopefully, this article has made it pretty clear that Sosua is the most Go and a place you can’t miss if you ever make it to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. If you’d like to know what other places to visit, check out our website and blogs about activities and places you should visit or get in direct contact with us here.

Dominican Republic Has It All

• Credits: Roberto Pereyra

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