surfing in cabarete

Surfing in Cabarete: The Number One Surf Destination on the island


surfing in cabarete

An exciting sport with a story behind it as full of emotions and adrenaline as riding a board and facing the wild waves of the sea on the Atlantic Ocean coast in the Dominican Republic. Surfing has evolved over more than two centuries and has become a worldwide phenomenon that finds in the Caribbean the perfect conditions to break the waves of the wild Caribbean Sea.

In this context, Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic, has been becoming for more than a decade a perfect corner for surfing lovers that triggers adrenaline like no other. Located in the heart of the Caribbean, this coastal city stands out in the region and in the world for its unbeatable conditions, combining factors such as wind speed, tide, and the spectacular Caribbean view of the north coast of the island.

Its geography is one of its greatest attributes. This city bathed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the biggest attractions for renowned surfers from around the world. Its strategic location coincides with the direction of the Atlantic Ocean tide, which makes it the perfect place for the formation of challenging and consistent waves. With the combination of the trade winds and the creation of waves of different sizes and difficulties, Cabarete sets the ambiance for creating a unique, world-class surf experience.

Ultimate Surf Guide Dominican Republic

In Cabarete, several destinations stand out for the formation of ideal waves to put the best of your skills into action. Among those, we can find Encuentro Beach, which is not only a delight for the eyes due to its eye-catching landscapes and the combination of nature on land mixed with the sea, but it is also one of the most emblematic points of the town, known for its various and consistent type of waves. In this focal point for surfers, both beginners and advanced find the perfect conditions to enjoy the beach and let the adrenaline flow.

In addition to its reputation for surfing and the many water sports international competitions it hosts every year, the city has a vibrant, cheerful, and relaxed atmosphere out of the water, complementing the experience with a wide variety of establishments for fun and entertainment in the mainland. However, the number one hallmark of Cabarete that cannot be left out of mention is its incredible community of surfers all gathered in a town with a  friendly and welcoming atmosphere that attracts surfers from all over the world.

Cabarete’s Surf Competitive Scene

Although in Cabarete you can find a welcoming group of surfers and lovers of water sports, the sports community of this coastal city is the perfect mix of competitiveness and collaboration. Athletes from the area come together to practice, develop their skills, learn from the most experienced, and compete, giving way to a more dynamic and exciting atmosphere.

The competitive atmosphere of the town is also reflected in the many sporting events that take place in this Caribbean destination. Some of these events have contributed to the reputation that Cabarete holds today:

Master of the Ocean: An annual event that combines disciplines such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding. It is one of the most outstanding events in the region and one of the most anticipated by lovers of water sports.

Cabarete Surfing Week: An event that for a whole week leads Cabarete to become the epicenter of activities related to surfing. This week includes surf competitions divided into various categories and skill levels, from beginners to professionals. The event is accompanied by parties, live music, and social events where lovers of surfing culture meet on land to enjoy the activities of the week.

International Day of Surfing in Cabarete: Every year activities for the international day of surfing are celebrated in Cabarete as a tribute to the culture that the city has been creating around this discipline. On International Surfing Day, celebrated on June 20th of each year, the city holds commemorative events that usually include competitions, exhibitions, and activities that foster a passion for surfing and the importance of taking environmental action to protect the oceans.

Cabarete Pro is an annual professional surfing competition that takes place in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Additionally, it is a World Surf League (WSL) qualifying series event and attracts some of the world’s best surfers. Furthermore, Cabarete Pro  is an important event for the local community as it promotes tourism and provides economic opportunities for businesses in the area. Besides, it also helps to raise the profile of surfing in the Dominican Republic and encourages young surfers in the country.

Local and Regional Competitions: In addition to the international events that come to Cabarete to further strengthen its international profile as the number one destination for water sports, the city hosts local and regional events and competitions throughout the year that continue to contribute to the surf culture in the region. These events and competitions serve as a platform for local and visiting surfers to show off their skills and connect with other surf lovers.

If what you are looking for is adventure for your next trip to the Caribbean, in Cabarete you will find the perfect combination of pleasure, adventure, and adrenaline.

And we can not enphasize this enough, the surf lovers community of Cabarete, that’s gold! So on your next trip to the Dominican Republic, do not hesitate to visit this coastal city and discover everything we have in place for you. And hey! Pay us a visit at our local } Liquid Blue store and have a look at all of the world-class equipment we have for a more exciting water adventure.

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