The Butterfly Effect Cabarete 2019


The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a well known event founded in Hawaii in 2007, by Tatiana Howard, a Hawaiian woman of all trades, being able to do all the water sports that come into my head at the moment, such as kite surfing, surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding and tow in surfing.

In other words, the Butterfly Effect was founded by a ‘’RAD’’ woman, that motivated a big group of women around the world to keep the tradition going in more than 50 countries till this date.

The Butterfly Effect Cabarete

The 11th Annual Butterfly Effect just happened in Cabarete. The Butterfly effect is done with the main purpose to unite all  the women in the community of Cabarete, bringing the best out of them, by taking on to a non competitive water sport event.

The Joy that this event brings to Cabarete is indescribable, you could feel all kinds of emotions from every woman that participated. The event was divided in different activities, they started with a breakfast at Life Styles Hotel, to make sure that they have enough energy to take on the entire event, followed by an early beach yoga ceremony and a motivational speech about ‘’The Butterfly Effect’’ to get all the girls pumped, before heading to their next location, Ruyama River, where everyone got to stand up paddle board all the way to ‘’La Boca’’.

After the stand up paddle boarding, everyone recharged batteries with a buffet of fruits and snacks before going onto the next challenge. A group of kite and windsurfing women took the down winder challenge and went  from La Boca River all the way to the center of Cabarete, with the company of a rescue team in case of any struggles, that the girls could have had along the way.

After the ‘’Down Winder’’ there was a nice pool party held in Millenium Hotel, where all the girls could relax, have some food & drinks, to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Giving Back

The Butterfly Effect Cabarete always gived back to the comunity, by doing a fundraiser dinner, where all the money goes to The Dream Project, a non profit organization who makes sure that more than a 1000 kids that are at risk, receive a proper education.

The 11th Butterfly effect was certainly an amazing experience, and we are glad that we were part of it. Seeing how a community of women get together and confront mental  & physical challenges executed with greatness.

If you want to be part of The Butterfly Effect Cabarete 2020,  CONTACT US!

Here a small film of Our Butterfly Effect Experience with BIZ-DEV MEDIA

The 11th Annual Butterfly Effect, Cabarete, Dominican Republic, 2019

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