What Do You Need To Wing Foil? Cabarete, Dominican Republic


What do you actually need to get into wing foiling?

Here is Charles Osterlund, from Liquid Blue Cabarete, in Cabarete explaining what you need in order to start and enjoy this beautiful, and new sport.

First of all you need a wing.

Charles is using an F-One Swing, one of the best wing on the market according to him.

You will as well need a board, that is a wing surf board in case one day you decide to take the road to wing foiling and use an hydrofoil.

Apart from that, you will need to get some accessories that will work just fine for your safety.

What you will need is a life jacket, helmet, wrist leash, foot leash. Regarding the life jacket, we highly recommend to check out Manera’s official website. Their impact vests are really known for their comfort and safety. If you are in Dominican Republic you can also check them out on our online store and we will ship it directly at your door liquidblueshop.com

Once you have everything you need to practice this extreme sport, you might be wondering what would be the next step.

Well the next step is to get out there, practice, and have fun.

One important thing to keep in mind is to find a spot that is firstly safe and secondly that is nice and windy.

It needs to be a spot that is perfect for beginner and intermediate levels, something like Cabarete! A bit choppy, a bit flat but with stable wind…

When you are learning, our tip is to do it in really good conditions that are favorable to you.

Luckily Cabarete is a wing foiling paradise.

Maybe this could be your opportunity to come visit US! 300 days a year we have surely more than 10 knots of wind which is perfect to go out almost any day : )

If you would like some tips on how to choose your wing foil board, check this other video we have done for you!

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