What Is The Right Wing For You? Cabarete – Dominican Republic


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What Is The Right Wing For You?

Obviously the answer to this question can vary and it depends on many factors:

1) Athleticism

2) Conditions

– Wind

– Sea

3) Weight

For someone who is a bit heavier just like kitesurfing be aware of the fact that you will need bigger equipment. Which means a board with more volume, bigger size wing, and potentially a bigger hydrofoil.

The opposite will work just fine for somebody who is on the lighter side.

In this case we are going to share some information that you can find online, on our website and as well on the F- One website!

Currently there are six wings in the line up.

For Cabarete, we usually ride with a 4.2 m , 5.0 m , and 6.0 m.

The wind ranges goes from 8 knots all the way up to 50 knots.

With that being said, when you are thinking about what wing to use, you really need to know yourself and know your conditions.

Try things out, test what you like.

Like that you will be able to make the best choice regarding your full equipment.

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