What’s inside Liquid Blue Concept Store x Taino Bay?


Liquid Blue Taino Bay may sound odd to you. Taino Bay is a new cruise ship  location in Puerto Plata. It will be the first touristic port in the Center of Puerto Plata in all of its History and It was inaugurated the 15th of December.

We were more than lucky to be able to get a spot at Taino Bay Cruise Ship Port. This way we will be able to provide you with our products and services and make sure you get the best out of this Caribbean experience in the Dominican Republic. We wanted to take this opportunity to show what Puerto Plata has to offer itself product wise. We want to provide you with local artisanal products that you will only be able to find at our shop.

Every purchase behind our local products will have its own history, from where it comes from, to who we are helping for you to have a deeper value when making your buying desitions.

There are many ways we can categorize our products, from products to gift, local souvenirs (mostly artisanal), known brands, art, handmade clothing for women (too comfortable to be true) and many more products!

Gifts: Usually when we all go on a trip we want to get a gift for our loved ones. Buying a brand anyone can get in the states or in Europe won’t make any sense. Take something emblematic with you, something with a meaning or a value that will take back some of your best Dominican moments.

– Larimar: Taking a piece of Larimar weather in a ring, earring necklace or just the stone itself would be a great gift for anyone. It is safe to say that Larimar can only be acquired in the Dominican Republic. It’s possible that Larimar sounds familiar to you but in case it doesn’t, Larimar is a rare blue mineral stone that can be found on the southwest side of Dominican Republic in the Province of Barahona.

Artisanal products at Taino Bay Puerto Plata

Souvenirs: Many people like to go to a local gift shop and get something easy to carry around that will remind you of the country you’re visiting. That could be a magnet, or a bottle opener or a shirt that says Dominican Republic. These will be also available in our shop and we will make sure to have every size available for you! Though

Brands: We will also have common brands for those who were unprepared for the trip or unlucky in case they had run out of sunscreen for example… We will have SunBum for you to be protected by the sun in any circumstances or even cool down for an excess of Sun exposure.
Havaianas, maybe you forgot your sandals and you want to go to the beach and the tennis shoes aren’t cutting it for you… trustworthy sandals will be available at our shop as well.

Hurley: We couldnt leave out one of our main surfing brands out of the Taino Bay Concept Store. Maybe you fancy to get some new boardshorts or t-shirts on your way back home and that ‘’one cool t-shirt’’ must have be yours. Hurley will be available at our concept store in Puerto Plata too.

Handmade Local Bikinis: Bringing the craft from Cabarete to your eyes. In case you didn’t know there is a pool at the port and many aren’t prepared, so we have bathing suits for man and hand make bikinis locally made in Cabarete at your disposal.

Must Get : You heard it… You can’t leave the country without one of these products.

Larimar: As mentioned above it is a nice gift to take back home from the Dominican Republic and if you are into Jewelry or even healing stones then the Dominican Republic will be the best place to take Larimar with you. Since it’s originally from here.

Amber: Amber is formed from resin exuded from tree bark , although it is also produced in the heartwood. Amber is found in many places of the world, though the largest amount of amber can be found here in the Dominican Republic. Artisans make jewelry after it though before the jeweler makes his craft there is always a story behind the source. In Cabarete for example when there is a lot of rain, locals go to the beach early in the morning with the hope of finding amber among the wooden sticks that make it to shore, due to the river currents.

The value of amber will vary depending on the weight of it as also what is inside, a stick, a fossil or any rare circumstance of history behind that piece of Amber.

– Tiki Head/Taino Sculpture: It may sound heavy though taking a Tiki head shaped by one of those local beach warriors, though it would definitely be a nice decoration for your house and remember your trip as well as supporting the local community of the province of Puerto Plata.
Tainos Statues are the Republic’s most popular traditional artwork. Typically, these statues are made from terracotta and mahogany, making them the ideal souvenir items for the serious collector.

Artisanal Products: Artisanal products you can find anywhere in the country, though we wanted to feel special. That’s why we got a diverse combination of unique products that you will only be able to find in our shop at Taino Bay.  All our Artisanal products have a polaroid of the artisan behind the product, this way you know the face behind the product.

Artisanal Soap at Taino Bay Libelula

We wanted to write this blog after the port was open and have more insight about the shop and what are the people’s reaction in certain products. For sure you can’t leave without taking one or 3 artisanal soaps with you, since we have a cash discount 1 for $10, 3 for $25 USD. Soaps made with local products such as Mango, Cacao, Avocado, Tangerine and Beer…. yes BEER, coffee and more.

Cash discounts:  We highly suggest people to pay in cash everywhere, first it brings US currency to the country which is always good, but also we have made cash discounts for those who want to buy more than 1 thing on the shop. like the example above of the soaps you can get your third soap 50% off just because you are paying cash. And many more products that can be up to 20% or more in discount value.

Free Wifi:  Perhaps you find yourself in need to get some wifi at Taino Bay. At our shop inside the port we will have Free Wifi for you to make any calls, emails you might have to send just vibe with us at the shop and you can use our wifi.

If you want to know more about Taino Bay and the port itself, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. There we talk about the port, post informational videos and lots of stuff you won’t want to miss. This way all the tourists can be more prepared for their trip to Taino Bay.

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