Why you should get of the ship at Taino Bay


It is safe to say that if you are getting on a cruise ship is because you want to travel to different countries with the commodity of having an all inclusive service which in 2 words stands for a ‘’Good Time!’’

Since you are embarking in different countries in the Caribbean, why not get out of the cruise ship and enjoy the warm weather and get to know the island you’re visiting, in this Case Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata Taino Bay.

Taino Bay is a recently built cruise port in the province of Puerto Plata. It is the only port in Puerto Plata that will allow you to go walking to the center of town or beach within 15 minutes or less of walking. Also it has a grand variety of activities inside the port such as a Monkey Jungle, Swimming pool and beautiful parrots along the way. Taino Bay also has around 35 shops, all different, where you will be able to find cigars, local clothing, souvenirs, artisanals products and more.

Everything mentioned above should give you an idea on why you should get off the cruise ship. When visiting a new country it is suggested to get to know the local tradition, history about the country or town you’re visiting, not only in Puerto Plata but any other country you’re visiting on a cruise ship. It is worth it to go out and get to know the area.

The reason for this being mentioned, is because due to COVID a lot of tourists are visiting the area and they  STAY ON THE CRUISE SHIP. The Dominican Republic has  54% of the Population fully vaccinated, every employee on port and outside the port will be using a face mask and will have a hand sanitizer for you to use if visiting a shop.

There are also a bunch of activities to do in the area. One of our recommendations is walking outside the port towards the main center and visiting the main Cathedral of Puerto Plata which is also one of the most important Pilgrims in the Dominican Republic. The Cathedral was founded in 1502 and in 1863 was completely destroyed due to an intentional fire. It wasn’t until 1956 that it was restored and in 2008 got reshaped. We don’t want to be a spoiler to you guys. That’s why you should visit and get to know more about the Cathedral.

By going out of the ship not only you are opening yourself to new experiences but at the same time in some shape or form you’d be supporting locals, from just buying a bottle of water to a souvenir or taking a taxi. The province of Puerto Plata depends on tourism and by getting off the ship you are already contributing to the tourism economy.

Shop local: It is true that prices may be scaled for tourists and some things can be more expensive inside the port or outside the port though not all has to be like that. If you are buying branded products, prices for sure will be more expensive than in the United States due to the high import tax that is imposed in this country. Though local artisans are most likely to negotiate for better pricing, just don’t abuse the discount.

The Liquid Blue Taino Bay Surf Shop is based on local products made by local artisans. Around 60% of the shop is made by locals. From clothing to necklaces, bracelets, local art and more.


Not only our shop is local but also all the businesses at the port are local people that are paying tax and rent to be at the port. Taino Bay does not own any of the shops, perhaps the Duty Free shop… but that’s it.

Check out this video below to see the setup of the shopping area inside the Taino Bay port, it is quite nice!

Go on an Excursion: Why not adda bit of adrenaline to your trip and perhaps go on an excursion, usually on most of the boats they will be trying to sell you a tour on each island you will be visiting. Waterfall excursion is a most GO when looking for an excursion to visit. 

First of all the water is cold since it comes from the mountains and it will be a refreshing treat when being in this tropical weather. Its a good exercise and a good way to confront fear if there is any when talking about heights, great exercise since you will l be hiking up a bit through stairs and overall a beautiful excursion. This being said, if you see anywhere about a 27 Waterfall excursion GO FOR IT!

There are also buggies excursion or ATV, horseback riding by the beach, and city tours. City tours are also a great way to know more about the country and the area in general. Visit Loma Isabel de Torres and check out the Christ Redeemer, check out the beautiful city of Puerto Plata from the highest point in the province and walk around the area to see the beautiful gardens. 

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