Wing-foiling vs Windsurfing | Comparisons


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Charles Osterlund here from Liquid Blue Cabarete

We have received a couple of questions lately regarding these two very similar in name but very different water-sports: wing-foiling & windsurfing.

Are wing-foiling & windsurfing the same sport? Are they really similar?

Check this video below or keep reading for a more detailed explanation!

The answer to this question is very hard to elaborate but we can say yes and no.

They are similar in the sense of how you feel the power coming in might be alike to when someone is windsurfing but when you are wing-foiling you are moving a little bit different because the power comes in different positions compared to windsurfing where it is always in the same spot.

This is one of the main differences I felt after trying both disciplines.

As well if you have never windsurf foiled (wind foiled) then it is going to be completely different because hydro foiling is a sport of its own no matter if you are doing it kitesurfing, surfing, standup paddle-boarding , windsurfing.

We can finally say that yes, the sports do have some similarities, though in reality they are quite different.

Do you have a windsurfing background? If you do and you are looking to get in wing-foiling then it is going to help you out because of their similarities. Also being able to practice these two extreme sports is going to open up a big range of new opportunities and possibilities for you!

It is definitely recommended if you windsurf to get in wing-foiling and viceversa.

Out of all the water-sports in my opinion , windsurfing is definitely the most technical at the higher levels and that is ideally where you are going to be having the more fun.

With that being said to answer the questions ” Is windsurfing the same as wing foiling?”

The answer is YES and NO.

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