We have just received our first batch of BANDIT S2 and because of Covid, we have had no opportunities to test it out with the F-One team ahead of its release. So we were pretty excited and mother nature was quite nice and rewarded us with strong wind and a good first swell of the fall season. That was my first time going back to Waddell in a while and the devastation after the fires that have engulfed so many areas in the state and on the San Mateo and Santa Cruz coastline is pretty shocking. We have had numerous people we know that have lost a good chunk of their properties and for some their house and I could not help but think of how crazy this year has been. Going to the water is always the best way to clear our minds.

So here are our first impressions with the S2 and they are GOOD! the depower is instantaneous during bottom or top turns but does not affect the flying abilities and that’s the best part, the kite drift nicely and seems to always be in the right spot, so the only thing you have to really worry about is your what’s happening under your feet. The control you have with this kite is truly fantastic ~ Nico Ostermann

Billy Ackerman rode the 8m, then the 9m the whole day and went back at times to the S1 as to really get a good sense of what the S2 brings to the table.

Major improvements have been made on the second version of F-One’s surf specific Bandit kite, the S2, and after many hours of riding I have yet again found a new favorite.

Riding an 8m & 9m sizes on the stock 24m Linx bar. (6’ – 200 lb rider)

Per usual the build quality is beautiful and F-ONE’s three color schemes are on point for 2021 in my opinion! Clean, classy, simple yet sophisticated looking.  A-Mango/Slate, B-Papaya/Slate & C-Glacier/Slate

Billy sending it with the new BANDIT-S2 and the MAGNET

The S2 features a bit different canopy panel layout and lighter dacron material to really control the trailing edge and profile of the kite. You can tell right away with the stability and control. Feels fantastic in the air and the frame is solid even under extraneous movement and situations with high variable winds. Quick responsive and direct feeling on the wave with fantastic depower and “drift.” The power is there when you want it on demand to re-engage and pull you through your turns. 

You can see the new paneling here on the trailing edge

Power range feels greatly improved offering better top end performance and control. The 9m I took from 15 to 35 with comfort and felt lighter and more responsive right away, even when fully powered, the top end of a kite still felt great with smooth power transfer and complete control. Bar pressure feels light, direct, and responsive. 

Excited for my next session on the Bandit S2. ~Billy Ackerman

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