kitesurfing in cabarete

Kitesurfing in Cabarete: The Ultimate Guide


Kitesurfing in Cabarete with Liquid Blue Kite & Wing School in Cabarete. The Ultimate Guide for beginner & expert Kitesurfers.

Cabarete is the top destinations in the Dominican Republic and in the entire Caribbean. With a lot of amazing kitesurfing spots, Cabarete is located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, and features 300+ days of wind per year and perfect weather for this extreme water sport! People from all over the world who want to kitesurf plan a trip to Cabarete, as the popularity of local Kitesurfing spots is well known globally.

About Cabarete

Kitesurfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic is on all wave riders’ bucket list. Cabarete is home to a vibrant and friendly community of both locals and ex-pats, who enjoy water sports and the active lifestyle that this town can provide.
Cabarete became a popular destination for travelers in the 80s, thanks to windsurfing. Kitebsurfing, Wing Foiling, surfing and SUP quickly became the new trending activities to enjoy in the Dominican Republic’s North Coast.

The Beaches

  • Cabarete Bay is our “town center” and has hosted many professional kitesurfing competitions like WorldCup/Copa Mundial, Master of the Ocean, PKRA, and WKL.
  • Kite Beach is famous for the ongoing wind and is located 1.5 miles to the west of Cabarete Bay and is the most popular kiting beach, together with Cabarete Beach (downtown Cabarete). It also has a reef break that works for stand up paddle surfers.
  • Playa Encuentro is 3 miles to the west of Cabarete Bay and is the Dominican Republic’s best surfing beach. Probably the most popular in the entire Caribbean.
kitesurfing in cabarete
Kitesurfing in Cabarete Bay



Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Kitesurfing in Cabarete is the thing! With 250-300 days of wind per year (of around 10 knots), kitesurfing is done on a daily basis!
Kite Season in Cabarete is almost all year round, with January-April characterized by 14-24 knots of wind, May-August with 16-30 knots, and September-December with about 10-20 knots.
Good wind conditions in Cabarete are provided by thermal winds in the summer, storm fronts in the winter, and year-round trade winds.
Water temperature in Cabarete is generally warm and stays at an average of 25-30°C – 77-86°F.

kitesurfing in cabarete

Best season to kitesurf in Cabarete

The best months for kitesurfing in Cabarete are June through August, thanks to the consistent thermal winds, and December-February, when most tourists visit Cabarete for Kitesurfing.
Wing Foiling is an alternative to Kitesurfing, as you can experience different areas around the North Coast (Playa Grande for example, where Kitesurfing is not common > more info on the BLOG).

Where to kitesurf in Cabarete

1 – Cabarete Beach

Located downtown, Cabarete Beach is the most lively spot during the day and the night.
Here you’ll find beachfront hotels and lots of kite schools. This is where we at Liquid Blue launch our kites and provide kite and wing foil lessons. We love it here and like to play with some good waves created by a lengthy reef break.

2 – Kite Beach

Slightly further to the west side of Cabarete, Kite Beach is less busy and has good wind coming in. You are going to love the breeze while sitting on one of the beachfront terraces and apartments in the evening. The reef is located 300m out, it is shallow but protects the bay, reason why Cabarete is also a perfect location for beginner kitesurfers. Again, the best months to kitesurf are December to January and May to September (with around 20-25 knots of wind).

3 –La Boca River

The Yasica river meets the ocean in the south-eastern part of Cabarete. Here you’ll find the perfect flat water spot, appreciated by all kiteboarders. The location is called La Boca (the mouth of the river) that forms a shallow lagoon that allows you to perform some tricks with the board. Here is located one of the area’s top rated restaurants, Wilson’s. Check it out if you get hungry!

How to plan a Downwinder in Cabarete.

Downwinder trips are very common and are organized by us at Liquid Blue Cabarete with other people, usually friends from the Kite community and visitors that are at a Kite-expert-level.

Here are our favorite routes:
Cabarete Beach to Encuentro
La Boca to Cabarete Beach

La Boca to Kite Beach
Cabarete to Puerto Plata

Keep Reading for Kitesurfing Lessons information.

kiteboard gear cabarete

Kitesurfing Lessons for Beginners in Cabarete


At Liquid Blue, we like to take our time with you, validating every step you take towards becoming an independent kitesurfer. Just so you know, there are 2 steps in your kiteboarding training – first on the sand and then in the water.

Accordingly, we will teach you kiteboarding in a safe and fun way in 10 steps:

Land Lessons – Introduction to Kiteboarding (~2 hours)

1. Fly the trainee kite to get a feeling of the wind and power of a small kite.
2. Learn the theory of flying a kite, wind speed and direction, wind windows and power zone.
3. Set up the real kite, lines and other equipments and pre-flight check.
4. Train on launching the kite in normal wind condition with assistance.
5. Control of the kite in normal wind condition and learn kite position that create or reduce power. Several exercises will be used in this step.
6. Fly the kite without assistance and understand all safety system
7. Launch and land the kite without assistance.

About Land Lessons

***All these steps have to be completed by the student before we jump to the second part of our learning session in the water. At LB, we understand that everyone learns at a different speed and we will certainly take enough time for you to feel confident about your skills and ability to fly the kite safely and understand each step.

Just remember that your instructor will always be on your side, watching your every movement and giving tips on how best to handle each situation. Don’t be shy, if you don’t understand something, put your hand up and ask questions, we are here for you!

Private lessons and Group lessons are available for On Land Courses – maximum of 2 or 3 students per instructor.

For this course, Liquid Blue Water Sports Center will provide you with all the equipment and gear such as an appropriate size kite, board, and harness. We suggest you to bring your swimming clothes, water, sunglasses, t-shirt, and sun cream.

kitesurfing for beginners cabarete
Step 1: Land Lessons


After taking our Introduction to kiteboard on land, you are now fully ready to jump in the water and on the board!

Flying the kite in the water is slightly different than on land, so we will practice flying the kite in shallow water, performing safety and self-rescue exercises. We will also have fun while using the body as a board to understand the power of the kite in different positions.

Here are the steps we will take to reach our goal:
Water Lessons – Progression in Kiteboarding

8. A series of exercises will explain to you how to relaunch your kite when it crashes in the water and how to handle the specific situation while kiting.
9. Body surfing and body dragging – use the power of the kite to surf with your body. Fun guaranteed!!!
10. Now that you can manage the kite it is time to get up on the board and start riding!! This is the ultimate step where you will get up on the board, start surfing, start edging the board and go upwind.

What does the course include?

This course is a one-to-one approach, with one instructor fully dedicated to the student. We believe that at this stage, the student needs our full attention to progress fast so we provide private lessons until the student is up on the board and ready to ride by himself/herself. Group lessons are also available at this stage.

For this course, Liquid Blue Water Sports Center will provide you with all the equipment and gear such as an appropriate size kite, board, and harness. We suggest you bring your swimming clothes, water, sunglasses, a t-shirt, and sun cream.

Consult and Book Your Beginner Lessons!

kitesurfing for beginners cabarete
STEP 2: Water Lessons


Summer: It’s hard to beat summers in Cabarete. It’s windy from April to September, with the most reliable wind being right in the middle of that period. Summer winds are typically in the 15-28mph range.
Winter: from December to March with lighter wind, but great swell for surfers.
Wind: 12-25mph range.
Tip: use a bigger Kite or test our foil boards for some extra fun.
Weather: summer all year round. The rain season happens in October and November, with more humid weather. The water temperature is warm so you don’t really need to use a wetsuit.
Waves: small to medium waves On the reef break in Cabarete. Generally, Wave-riders usually go for a surf session in the morning and a kite session in the afternoon when the wind picks up.

If you are a Beginner: Cabarete Beach is the best spot to learn. We at LB usually head to the water from the Pomodoro restaurant, our meeting point.

Suggested Kitesurfing video:


Liquid Blue Cabarete provides wing foiling lessons and equipment rental services, making sure that you get the most out of this extreme water sport! You can chat with us via WhatsApp at +1(849)201-8694 or email us at [email protected].


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