Liquid Blue Cabarete Youtube Channel

Liquid Blue Cabarete Youtube Channel


Maybe you have wondered what would it be like to visit Cabarete and enjoy a nice vacation, perhaps you have some curiosity about doing any type of water sport around the north shore’s coastline but don’t know what exactly to expect.

Here is your chance to find out. We are teaming up with the Biz-Dev Media Team to create our own YouTube channel providing valuable content of all the activities that can be done in Cabarete, including some cool kiteboarding edits, product reviews videos and documented adventures that will be released in the future.

In Cabarete, you will be able to have the time of a lifetime, no matter what you do if it’s kiteboarding, surfing, foiling, scuba diving or just having a family vacation. Cabarete counts with unlimited activities for every type of public.

What will you find on our YouTube Channel?

Kiteboarding Edits: Cabarete has wind most time of the year, this being said, the Biz-Dev Media Team is always behind the lens recording the best moments of kiteboarding in Cabarete. Stay tuned to watch some sick kiteboarding edits in our channel.

Liquid Blue Kiteboarding Classes: We will film what it’s like to take a full kiteboarding class and showing the progression of a student that doesn’t have any kiteboarding skills to finally being able to kiteboard by themselves.

Product Review Videos: Liquid Blue runs with different brands such as F-One, Manera, Sun Bum, Hurley, Corkcicle, Proof Eyewear & Hurley. We will be doing videos showing some products we have at our concept store.

Adventures & Downwinders: In August we did the Xtreme Downwinder Challenge achieving the longest Down Winder in the Dominican Republic. We will be posting some edits from the Journey and more adventures to come.

Hopefully, our YouTube Channel convinces you to visit Cabarete and be part of the adventure. Maybe you get to kiteboard for the first time and experience the closest feeling of walking over water with us. Be your own sailboat and SUBSCRIBE!

Check out our latest video showcasing what it’s like to kiteboard in Cabarete Bay with the Liquid Blue Team.

Kiteboarding at Cabarete Bay, Liquid Blue Team

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