Strapless Kiteboarding in Cabarete Bay


Strapless Kiteboarding
Charles Osterlund Kiteboarding in Cabarete Bay- Picture by Biz-Dev Media

One thing is learning how to kiteboard in Cabarete and then transitioning into strapless kiteboarding. Strapless kiteboarding can be divided into Freestyle, and wave riding.

The cool thing about riding strapless is that you can combine your freestyle skills to your wave riding skills and have a great time when practicing both at the same time. 

Before we get into the different styles of riding is also good to know what would be the ideal board for you. When riding strapless you want to maintain the weight of the board balanced from nose to the tail. That will allow you to have a better experience when learning

To learn about the board details READ THIS ARTICLE BY IK SURF MAG

When Learning how to ride strapless there will be some tips and tricks you will need to apply as in, how you will maneuver your feet when turning back and forth. A Better way to understand this, we will suggest you watch this Youtube Video by Kite-Surf-College Tutorials and Tricks

Wave riding: In kiteboarding is one of the most fun activity you can do in the water since you generate enough speed to catch unlimited waves compared to normal surfing. Kiteboarding Strapless will require different types of equipment and new abilities in riding.

Understanding the coordination between you, your board, the kite, and the wave, is crucial if you want to make the best of it. You must have harmony within all your equipment when doing wave riding. Locals in Cabarete make it look so easy, but its always because of the hours they put on it.

Don’t worry, we all go through that stage where we don’t know what are we doing. The good thing about Cabarete is that you most likely can practice the wave-riding throughout the entire year in all kinds of spots. Reef breaks. Point breaks and beach breaks. Just like Mañanero, Encuentro, Cabarete Bay and the reef of Kite beach.

Freestyle strapless: Riding freestyle in Kiteboarding is exactly as the name says it ‘freestyling’’ you will feel more maneuverable with yourself without having a board attached to your feet. The freestyle riders usually do board flips and ‘walking on water’ which are some of the skills you will develop with time.

Kiteboarding Strapless, Cabarete Dominican Republic Ft. Charles Osterlund

Kiteboarding Strapless in Cabarete is a delightful experience. You have the shore break right in front of our Liquid Blue school providing consistent powerful waves. The shore break in Cabarete Bay goes all the way to Kite Beach. The shore break will be ideal for those who are having their first strapless kiteboarding lessons.

Another spot to practice wave riding could be the outer reef of Cabarete bay, providing longer waves than the shore break and an enormous ocean with unlimited waves! This will be more recommended to advance strapless kiteboarders since you don’t want to lose your board all the way out in the reef.

Kiteboarding Strapless is overall a great division of the sport, whether is wave riding or freestyle you will have a good time. Especially if you’re visiting Cabarete!

Get your first steps into strapless kiteboarding with us! 

Enjoy this video that shows you what it’s like to combine wave riding with freestyle in Cabarete Bay! Enjoy the video by @Biz-Dev Media

Strapless Kiteboarding in Cabarete Dominican Republic ft. Charles Osterlund

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