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Wing Foil Tips: Foil maintenance | Liquid Blue Cabarete


Wing Foil Tips: Foil maintenance.

Hello, Kite and Wing community in Cabarete and from around the world!

In this blog post we will talk about how you can give proper maintenance to your Foil.

You guys have been asking us for advice on how to take proper care of Wing Foiling equipment so that it lasts longer and doesn’t get damaged too soon.

In the video below Charles, one of our Wing Foiling expert and rider, besides teacher and YouTube character, will provide a couple tips on how to do a little Foil Maintenance.

If you are using an Aluminum Foil, keep in mind that it will need constant basic maintenance.

How? By rinsing with fresh water after every session.

We recommend you take special care of the screws: we use Ultra Tef-Gel, a thick white gel to apply to each screw. The grease is going to help us do less maintenance and save money & time.

Remember: always rinse the screws even if you apply the Ultra Tef-Gel.

Where to Buy the Ultra Tef-Gel? On Amazon for 20/30 dollars.

Why is constant maintenance a must? Gear costs money and you want to protect it for as long as possible and avoid damages.

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wing foil maintenance

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