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Liquid blue Cabarete is your trustworthy retail store for kitesurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing. Here’s why: HIGH-QUALITY EQUIPMENT AND GEAR 100% SECURE PAYMENT EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE FAST NATIONAL DELIVERIES THE BEST KITESURFING EQUIPMENT DEALS HERE We promise the best quality on all our kitesurfing gear. Whether you’re a beginner kitesurfer or you’re boosting like a pro, we’ve got all the right kitesurfing equipment for you. We have fantastic gear from F-One. Along with the best kites, boards, bars, Manera harnesses, wetsuits & other accessories you will need when coming to Cabarete for your water sport trip. We can also order the gear you need and ship it nationally in the Dominican Republic. Online payment is secure and easy. If you don’t see what you’re after or you find a better price elsewhere, contact us!  See you on the water 🙂  KITESURFING FOR BEGINNERS …

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How to choose your F-ONE foil board?

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How to choose your foil board and why should it be an F-ONE? F-ONE’s Research&Development team worked on finding the perfect balance between volume and size for the 2022 foil board collection. Just so you know, a board needs just enough volume to float but not too much so it doesn’t hamper the take-off, turning abilities, speed, and overall session.  The Brand also focused on improving the strength and stiffness of the boards as the sports community has taken their riding skills to the next level, jumping higher, and developing new moves, all new standards that the brand is keeping into consideration when increasing efficiency in new products. Find out about F-one latest news and products here: Choose your F-one board with this guide! Here is our guide to help you choose your F-ONE board, considering the following important elements: Your skill level Your weight Your usual riding conditions First things …

Wing foiling lessons: getting started

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Are you new to wing foiling and are planning on learning this extreme water sport? For all of you that are into Wing Foiling and/or for those already Wing Foiling, we at Liquid Blue made a guided lesson on how to get started! Hopefully, you’ll find these videos a useful tool if you want to potentially gain new insights that might help take your riding to the next level. Location: Cabarete, North Coast of the Dominican Republic Watch the full video on how to get started with wing foiling in Cabarete. Wing Foiling Lessons Cabarete beach If you’re looking into getting started with Wing Foiling, here is an introduction for land skills and techniques to develop (Part 1) and how to get in the water (Part 2). Why should you watch these videos? Watch this video series to get the …

Wing foiling CWC

The new Light Wind Wing F-One

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Liquid Blue Cabarete is Mega proud to represent F-One in Dominican Republic. F-One keeps growing & improving their gear on a daily. Always testing and coming out with new gear! F-One brings another breakthrough design with the Strike CWC which offers high-performance in light wind conditions. The Strike CWC is more maneuverable and easier to flip around when on the water. Pumping is super easy and gets you planning in no time as the wing tips don’t touch the water when you bend your arms. This unique compactness allows a very comfortable ride with big wing sizes. Watch the Video Available in 3 different sizes: 6.0 – 7.0 – 8.0 Nearly two years after the release of our first Swing we have found the ultimate way to add surface to the wing without compromising lightness and performance. The new patented Compact Wing …

wing Foiling and Wingsurfing in Cabarete

The Ultimate Guide to Wing surfing aka Wing foiling | North Coast Dominican Republic.

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Learn how to wing foil in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Winging or Flying? What is this extreme sport? The most recent and trending sport in the Caribbean, as well as other parts of the world.A combination of kitesurfing and windsurfing that implies the use of a FOIL (A foilboard or hydrofoil board is a surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water. The design lets the board to leave the surface of the water) and a WING (like a kite that you hold with your hands). Winging is such a fun sport! Less bulky and quite easy to set up, ALSO HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. You don’t need to be a windsurfer or a kiter to begin with wing foiling, though you should practice to have control on some type of board before getting started. Q&As Where should you learn Wing Foiling? Cabarete Bay would be the …

Ultimate Foiling Guide for Dominican Republic

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Let’s go foiling!Wait a second, before you even mention this read up. As many of you might have  seen on social media, there is this one awesome surf/kite/windsurf/SUP discipline called foiling. Many of you probably have tried it by yourselves or seen it by the beach. If you’re not even sure what I’m talking about check Hydrofoiling in Cabarete  to get an idea. If you’re considering getting into foiling we highly recommend that you either contact a professional that you know about more information on how to get into the sport and if you don’t know anyone please do not hesitate to contact us. Foiling in any discipline is extreme and we don’t want anyone to get hurt while learning or practicing the sport in any of its disciplines.  It’s simple, a foil is a long fin (mast) with a …

*WHAT LEASH SHOULD I BE USING?* – Liquid Blue Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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Hey guys, Charles Osterlund here! With Liquid Blue Cabarete, in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Today we are back with a new video regarding a very specific topic. We have been asked so many questions about this and today we are ready to get the answer for you. What leash should I be using? As always there is no true answer. Charles’s honest opinion is that he finds leashes very annoying. Once he tried to go prone foiling with no leash and it was good success and fun, but you have to be a fast swimmer in case you fall next to a reef, some rocks. If you are not fast enough your board will most likely broke or get destroyed. For Wing Foiling a lot of guys are not using a board leash. In any case, since we are not professionals …