Strapped Jumping Wingfoil Clinic

Strapped Jumping Wingfoil Clinics


F-ONE Rider Freestyle Air Wing Foiling in Tarifa

You Completely dominate strapless wingfoiling, love the sport and now you want to take it to the next level!

Let's put on some straps and get you jumping with the wing! It may seem easy as you see Pros jumping with lots of ease though it requires skills & tips to make yourself jump without the use of a wave.

This Strapped jumping clinic will require time, patience and overall a bunch of practice. Perfectioning this skill is not as easy as jumping with a kite. You’d have to generate the speed and power all through the wing.

Landing from a high jump can be tricky and scary for most people, though if you're here looking to do this you should be an advanced wingfoiler before looking into this.

For this wingfoil strapped clinic we will highly suggest to have your own board & wing equipment. If you don't have the propper equipment send us a message to see what are the options we could have for you.

The equipment you use will play a big role on the performance you will have during this learning experience. Using a lighter mast or wing will give you an upper hand when wanting to jump higher. Here at Liquid Blue we use F-one as it is one of the best if not the best wingfoiling brand currently in the market.

You feel like you're ready?
Send us a message and let's get you jumping!