Kiteboarding in La Boca


Sick and tired of riding at your usual spot? No worries because as we mentioned in the previous posts, Cabarete literally has it all. I hope you are ready to embark yourself in a crazy adventure and have a day that you will never forget! How to get there? La Boca is located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, about 10 min away (4 km) from the center of Cabarete. It can be reached by moto, car or taxi; the cost of taxi is usually around 500/700 RDS. This beautiful place so called “La Boca” is perfect for those who love adventures but especially for those who love flat water & constant wind as much as we do. It is the river mouth of Rio de Yásica and it is the playground anyone would like! Perfect to spend …

Beautifull Kiteboarding Spots

Kiteboarding at La Boca, Cabarete


We have been talking about all the amazing places to go kiting to on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This time we will be specifying all the details you need to know about La Boca, in Cabarete. La Boca de Yasica is located to the east side of Cabarete, approximately a 7-minute ride from the main town of Cabarete. We consider that La Boca is one of the unique places the Northcoast has to offer, with the perfect combination of river beach and saltwater. Over the past years, La Boca has been one of the main touristic attractions of Cabarete due to all its amazing surroundings, and one of kiteboarding main attractions, flat water. Perfect for all the kiteboarders who want to practice all their new tricks in perfectly flat water conditions with the consistent wind from the …