weather in cabarete

Weather in Cabarete: “Wind Guru”


The weather in Cabarete is perfect for all water sports thanks to great wind conditions and warm water. Summer: It’s hard to beat summers in Cabarete. It’s windy from April to September, with the most reliable wind being right in the middle of that period. Summer winds are typically in the 15-28mph range. Winter: from December to March with lighter wind, but great swell for surfers. Wind: 12-25mph range. Tip: use a bigger Kite or test our foil boards for some extra fun. Weather: summer all year round. The rain season happens in October and November, with more humid weather. The water temperature is warm so you don’t really need to use a wetsuit. Waves: small to medium waves On the reef break in Cabarete. Generally, Wave-riders usually go for a surf session in the morning and a kite session …