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How long does it take to learn Kitesurfing?


Are you asking yourself how long it will take you to learn how to kitesurf?

Kiteboarding lesson number 1: don’t expect to be done with kiteboarding in one day.

For the majority of students, it will take many hours of lessons to learn the basics of this water sport. At Liquid Blue Cabarete we teach lessons in two to three-hour blocks.
Learning to kitesurf takes between 6 to 12 hours of lessons on average – but in reality it often takes more than 12 hours and it rarely takes less than 6. 

The learning process sometimes can be challenging, yet highly rewarding, so don’t worry about it! The sooner you get started the better – plus kitesurf lessons with us are fun and about having a good time in Cabarete.

Why does it take quite some time to learn to kite?

At first, getting control over the kite, the board, and your body is a complex task. Once you try it, you will see how fun and addictive this sport is but you will soon understand how learning can challenging and involves a lot of practice time, and effort.

Kiting requires both your cognitive and physical abilities, such as hand/eye coordination, reaction time, balance, muscle memory, and strength.

Make sure you take your time working on these skills with the help of our qualified instructors to keep you safe and speed up your learning. 

learn how to kite in cabarete dominican republic

Timing and coordination are fundamental skills to develop as a beginner, this is going to help to have control over the kite while simultaneously pushing and pulling the control bar in and out to get the right kite angle, or when you will have to get up out of the water – a maneuver called the water-start – requires you to pilot the kite, balance with the board, and maintain your body position all in one coordinated motion.

Kiteboarding requires you to learn different skills in order to put them all together to experience the unique sensation of flying over the water.

Kiteboarding lessons step by step

When you start with your lessons with us, the first session will introduce you to the sport. You will:

  1. Spend time on land learning the basics of piloting the kite, using the control bar, practicing safety measures, and launching/landing the kite.
    * The theory part is about technique and safety. This time is important for you to develop reliable kite control before moving on.*
  2. You will be the water piloting the kite! You start by using the kite to pull yourself around – body dragging – and then finish with learning to water start.
  3. Learn to become an independent kiteboarder. You will go through board riding, turning, and how to stay upwind.

Are you ready for some action?




This is the most common question students ask when approaching this sport in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

The short answer is around 4-5 days of lessons, on average 2 to 3 hours per day.

The right answer though is that it depends on many factors, personal and environmental.
Here are a few:

Your Fitness & Sports Experience: Wakeboarders can learn quickly. In general, the more active you are the easier it is. Windsurfers usually need to train their muscles to push away, instead of pulling.

Age: the younger the easier. We are sure that for all those young at heart, mind, and spirit, it will be easy and fast without any doubt.

Practice: the fundamental of Kite surfing and any other water sport, totally within your control! Your past experience doesn’t matter – just make sure you choose the right mindset for learning and focus on getting some practice whenever you can.
You can prepare also by watching videos, book lessons and take advantage of them whenever the wind conditions are good, stay hydrated and rest enough to get back at it the next day.

Natural talent: as in other practices there are people who are just born for it! Call it luck, call it whatever you want – if you have a talent you should show it off! Just get in the water and test it out. Make sure you get enough theory on how to fly a kite or ride in the water. It starts on the beach, your feet in the sand and a smile on your face! 😉

Remember: there is ALWAYS something new to learn!

Wind conditions: Cabarete is known worldwide for its perfect wind conditions and sunny weather when it comes to kitesurfing or kiteboarding. Sometimes a sloppy windy day can happen, and there are no kitesurfing chances for the following days, sometimes the wind is just light – this may be the time for you to take a break and do other fun activities in Cabarete – or if you can’t stay out of the water just rent a SUP board with us and head to your natural habitat!

Hopefully your motivation is high enough to get to action and start kiteboarding!
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Read more about how to get started with this sport in Cabarete – find out about land and water lessons in this section Land Lessons – Introduction to kiteboarding & Water Lessons – Introduction to Kiteboarding.

Cabarete is awaiting! See you soon!

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