Kiteboarding Lessons in Cabarete will benefit you in the future.


We all know that Cabarete is one of the key places in the Caribbean to take kiteboarding lessons.

Kiteboarding lessons in Cabarete

In Cabarete we are lucky to have the trade winds from the East, blowing side/onshore for more than 300 days a year. Not only the wind is perfect but we also have perfect weather conditions with warm water all year round and a spacious beach, that gives enough space for anyone who wants to learn kiteboarding.

One of the reasons that Cabarete will take the best out of you, is due to the waves on the shore that will constantly challenge you when learning how to kite. Compared to other places, where there are flat and shallow waters, that would make it way easier for you to learn.

Taking Kiteboarding lessons in Cabarete will benefit you throughout your kitesurfing journey overall. The challenging conditions that Cabarete has inline, not many places in the world have them. The fact that is not a shallow water spot, you will be constantly battling the shore break that will make you overcome any kiteboarding situation in the future.

Adapting to tough conditions whether is kiting or in life will make you stronger in the future. 

Kiteboarding lessons in Cabarete

Don’t get me wrong kiteboarding in Cabarete is amazing. It is the perfect town to learn kiteboarding. With the mix of the best views when riding in the ocean, surrounded by all the palm trees on shore,  kiteboarding schools in Cabarete, and restaurants of all type, at a walking distance, makes your vacation to Cabarete an extraordinary experience.

Cabarete bay is also family-friendly. If your kids or wife are not into kiteboarding they can always relax at one of the restaurants or club restaurants on the beach. One of the nicest places to have your kids will be Front Loop Cabarete. Everyone there is super friendly, really good food, a pool for the kids to play, beach volleyball, a bar with very good cocktails and its 30 meters away from our kiteboarding school.

Kiteboarding lessons in Cabarete

Liquid Blue Cabarete, is well prepared, for you to take the best kiteboarding lessons in Cabarete. With all the gear and knowledge for you to succeed and improve your skills.
After learning kiteboarding in Cabarete you most likely will be able to kiteboard anywhere in the world.

Get your swimsuits ready & visit our school to experience your first kiteboarding lesson in Cabarete!

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