Hydrofoiling lessons in Cabarete

Best Time to Learn Kite Foil in Cabarete


You’ve probably seen the trend of Hydrofoiling across social media and always wondered what it would it feel like, foiling on top of the water with a kiteboard. To make it loud and clear ‘’IT’S A RAD FEELING’’ Let’s see when is the best time to learn how to Kite Foil in Cabarete.When learning Kite Foil you would like to have a consistent wind condition, since it is a completely different feel and skill than kiteboarding. You will need a bit of extra wind to have a better flotation with the foil board. Once you start learning how to kite foil we always suggest you learn with someone who already knows all the safety measures. This being said, you will have to be precocious and use a helmet and an impact vest to avoid or reduce the damage your body …

Hydrofoil in Cabarete


Recently we have been Hydrofoiling in Cabarete, but did you know that Hydrofoiling has been around for many years? The Hydrofoil was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1906, as a boat which he called the ‘’Hydrodrome’’ back then. Most recently in 1995, the HydroFoil Board was invented by Mango Carafino, a big wave tow-in surfer and water-sport instructor from the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Carafino is also the innovating developer of hydrofoil board design for stand-up hydrofoil boarding and kite surfing. Laird Hamilton also influenced a lot on Hydrofoil’s popularity, with his act of bravery including the Hydrofoil on his big wave surfing journey. He discovered the foil board’s capability to harness swell energy with the use of a jet ski, pulling the rider into a wave. What is Hydrofoiling?– Hydrofoiling is a lifting surface, or foil, that operates in water. …