Xtreme Kiteboarding Challenge.


12 Participants – 1 Xtreme Kiteboarding Challenge that has never been attempted in the Dominican Republic! 12 Participantes – 1 Xtreme Kiteboarding Challenge que nunca se ha intentado en la República Dominicana This Saturday the organizers of the first-ever Xtreme Down Winder Challenge will be selecting the day for the event. The 12 selected participants have been rigorously preparing not only mentally but also physically for the challenge. Looking at maps, wind forecasts, checking equipment and doing practice down-winders to prepare the muscles and mind for the brutal challenge ahead. During the last event meeting, the schedule has been finalized. This schedule created will help keep the kiters on track to have a chance to successfully finish the challenge before dark.  Este Sábado, los organizadores del primer Xtreme Downwinder Challenge seleccionarán el día del evento. Los 12 participantes seleccionados se …

Downwinder Challenge Cabarete- Buen Hombre

Xtreme Downwinder Challenge Cabarete – Buen Hombre


Life is all about facing challenges and getting out of the comfort zone. We have really been thinking for a while about how we can make an impact for the Dominican Republic and promote it as a safe country to travel to. What a better way to put our minds and body to confront an ‘’Xtreme Downwinder Challenge Cabarete – Buen Hombre’’ and do what no one has ever done yet, with our #1 Passion, Kiteboarding. La vida se trata de enfrentar obstaculos y salir de la zona de comfort. Nosotros hemos estado pensando por un buen tiempo como podemos crear un impacto en la Republica Dominicana y promoverlo como un pais seguro para viajar. Y que mejor manera de poner nuestra mente y cuerpo, enfrenarse a un ‘’Xtreme Downwinder Challenge’’ y hacer lo que nadie ha hecho aun, con …