Best season to book kiteboarding and wing foiling lessons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic!


Kiteboarding Lessons In Cabarete with Liquid Blue Cabarete!

As many around the world know, Cabarete is one of the best places in the world to perform water sports. Wether it is to take kiteboarding lessons or surf, or wingfoil, or kitefoil and even windfoil – Cabarete is a one stop spot for everyone! Though what many might be wondering is when is the best time to visit Cabarete, Dominican Republic?

Luckily in Cabarete, you can essentially take lessons at any time of the year. With over 300 days of wind and waves with summer like whether year round it is an ideal destination to visit at any time. Not only is the air temperature relatively warm year round the water temperature in Cabarete is also above 18 Celsius year round, which means you can wear bikinis and board shorts everyday.

The months of summer: The perfect wind days of summer begin in June all the way till the end of August. By the end of August, the wind still good, but might not be as consistent. The wave season starts rising by September – October all the way till the beginning of April.

The wave season arrives at the same time as the hurricane season in the Caribbean. Due to the Hurricanes on the Atlantic Ocean waves start rising. The wave season is also great for kiteboarders who love wave riding. 

Why Summer? Summer is the best time to take kiteboarding lessons since we have the blessing from the trade winds providing us consistent wind side-shore wind from the east throughout the season.

Being able to kite almost every day of summer. If for some reason there isn’t enough wind, most likely you will be able to take foiling lessons. 

In summer the wind starts earlier than the usual, allowing you to start kiting at 10:00 am and finishing it off with a magnificent late summer sunset sesh. 

Kiteboarding Sunset Session – Liquid Blue Cabarete

Summer is also the season with fewer waves in the North Coast. This could benefit all students who are learning how to kite board, wing foil, kite foil and or wind foil in Cabarete Bay. Cabarete Bay is different from other places due to its shore break, which will be constantly breaking some small waves. Getting to experience the shore break could benefit you in the future as well, CLICK HERE, to find out why taking lessons in Cabarete will benefit you.

For experienced kiteboarders summer is also great, if your thing is big airs then summer should be your first choice. In summer the wind is usually strong after 12:00 pm and usually over 20+ knots. If you’re not experienced in jumping, we would recommend you take our advance lessons where we can show you the basic steps into jumping and soon enough start doing those big airs you always wanted to do.

Carlos David, Kiteboarding in Cabarete, photo by Biz-Dev Media

As we always say, Cabarete is one of the best places in the world to start kiteboarding but not only because of the perfect wind conditions, but also because the amazing beach vibe town that it has. Starting your day by doing some SUP in Cabarete Bay Area, after that you could have a nice breakfast at of the restaurants close to the beach. Work for a couple of hours on your computer and by 10-11 in the morning the wind is already perfect for you to get out there!

In the end, if you asked us when is the best time to come to Cabarete, our answer will be NOW. Cabarete is an amazing place to come all year round for all kinds of public, from young kids to teens and even more for people who are retiring. Cabarete overall is a laid back town with its unique beach lifestyle community.

Here are some important links for checking the weather and wind forecast in Cabarete.



Cabarete Beach Houses live webcam and wind

If you have any questions before visiting or booking your trip to Cabarete, make sure to Contact us to make your trip memorable and worth it!


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