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Kiteboarding at La Boca, Cabarete


We have been talking about all the amazing places to go kiting to on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This time we will be specifying all the details you need to know about La Boca, in Cabarete.

Kiteboarding at La Boca

La Boca de Yasica is located to the east side of Cabarete, approximately a 7-minute ride from the main town of Cabarete. We consider that La Boca is one of the unique places the Northcoast has to offer, with the perfect combination of river beach and saltwater.

Over the past years, La Boca has been one of the main touristic attractions of Cabarete due to all its amazing surroundings, and one of kiteboarding main attractions, flat water. Perfect for all the kiteboarders who want to practice all their new tricks in perfectly flat water conditions with the consistent wind from the east.

La Boca is the perfect place for anyone to go and have a good time. It has the river which is rarely cold since it gets hit directly by the Sun, it has Wilson’s Restaurant, which makes the trip even more interesting since you have to go on a small boat to get there, and it has the perfect view of all the kiteboarders shredding its flat water.

Kiteboarding at La Boca
Kiteboarding at La Boca, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

To get to La Boca is really simple and there are many ways you can get there.

Driving yourself to La Boca: if it’s your first time in the country, it will be a bit tricky to get there. We would highly recommend going with a local since he will know how to get there easily.
If you are adventurous and what to get there yourself then follow these instructions. Once you are in Cabarete you will want to drive towards the EAST, after you pass the Texaco Gas Station you will drive for about 1.5km and turn to the left. You will find yourself further ahead with a ‘’Crossroad’’ you turn left and head all the way to the end till you find the river. CLICK HERE FOR THE EXACT LOCATION

Taking a taxi: to La Boca would be by far the most recommended and easiest way to get there. Every taxi around will know how to get there, they also allow kite equipment inside the taxi and will make your trip much easier than just finding out.

Take a Moto taxi: Taking a moto-taxi or a ‘’ moto concho’’ is also another way to get around town. Taking a moto concho wouldn’t be as recommended just because of your safety and you also can’t take much equipment with you. Usually, all the locals do it that way since it is a cheaper way to get around.

La Boca overall is an excellent place to visit not only for kiters but for anyone who is down to have a good time. You can go to La Boca early in the morning and have a SUP session and chill around there. Have some lunch at Wilsons restaurant and then start kiting the mirror flat water that it has to offer. The beach is right next to the river and you can enjoy some ‘’Vitamin Sea’’ and then walk on to fresh river water.

If you want to see what it feels like to go kiting at La Boca enjoy this video by @bizdevmedia with the company of Carlos David & Colombian GKA Tour Rider Valentin Rodriguez.

Valentin Rodriguez & Carlos David Kiteboarding in La Boca, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

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