The Most Beautiful Kiteboarding Spots in the North Coast


Over the past 20 years, the Dominican Republic has been known as one of the best places to learn kiteboarding in the world. Specifically in the north coast, Cabarete. Dominican Republic is filled with beautifull Kiteboarding spots.

Beautifull Kiteboarding Spots
Charles Osterlund Kiteboarding in Cabarete Bay- Picture by Biz-Dev Media

The Dominican Republic is not only famous for kitesurfing but also for its unique surroundings. From white sand beaches, green palm trees, great people, amazing culinary culture, warm weather and much more.

Due to that combination, the Dominican Republic should be on your must-travel destinations. This is an amazing country for all type of travelers. From kiteboarding enthusiast, surfers and families. Here in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, we have what its called Cabarete, one of the Kiteboarding Meccas.

In the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, there are many spots to go kiting, for all the different type of styles that you like to ride. From Twin Tip, Freestyle, Wave riding & Kite Foil.

Cabarete: In Cabarete, You can do all the styles mentioned above. You could start your day at 10:00 AM by doing hydrofoiling in Cabarete bay with just a little wind required. In the afternoon after the wind picks up, you can choose what type of style you want to ride, if twin tip or wave riding. Cabarete bay offers you 2 different spots for wave riding. The local shore-break right in front of the main Cabarete bay area, and the outer reef, which is located approximately 300 meters from shore.

 Here at Liquid Blue, we offer all kind riding styles, twin tip, strapless, advanced kiteboarding & hydrofoil lessons.

Playa Encuentro: If your passion is wave riding, then most likely you will spend all your kiteboarding hours around here. Playa Encuentro is one of Cabarete’s main watersport’s attraction. Playa Encuentro not only is great for surfing but it is also amazing to go to when the wind picks up to practice your wave riding skills. 

La Boca:  La Boca is ideal for those who want to kite specifically in flat water. La Boca doesn’t have much space and it has manglers that you must be aware of but other than that its the perfect spot to practice all kinds of tricks in flat water. La Boca also has the ocean on the other side of the river with a surf break in it where you can shred the waves inshore for more than 2 miles.

Beautifull Kiteboarding Spots
Valentin Rodriguez Kitbeoarding at La Boca, Cabarete 2019

Buen Hombre: Buen Hombre is one of the North Coast’s treasure spots, with only one Kite School available. Buen Hombre is located 70 miles away from the main town of Cabarete. It is also one of the most beautiful kiteboarding spots in the North Coast. Crystal clear water, crowd less, consistent wind since very early in the morning and most of the time in summer, blows 30 knots of wind on a normal day.

Posito Martinez, one of the Dominican Republic most iconic kite surfers, did a trip for the 2020 Crazy Fly equipment, showing the hidden gems that this beautiful island has to offer. With the company of his teammate rider Lilo Fourre & Laci Kobulsky behind the lens.

Here is a short film of the Crazy Fly Team shredding in the North Coast of Dominican Republic.

CrazyFly Kiteboarding 2020 – Dominican Republic.

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