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Hey guys, Charles Osterlund here!

With Liquid Blue Cabarete, in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Today we are back with a new video regarding a very specific topic. We have been asked so many questions about this and today we are ready to get the answer for you.

What leash should I be using? As always there is no true answer.

Charles’s honest opinion is that he finds leashes very annoying.

Once he tried to go prone foiling with no leash and it was good success and fun, but you have to be a fast swimmer in case you fall next to a reef, some rocks.

If you are not fast enough your board will most likely broke or get destroyed.

For Wing Foiling a lot of guys are not using a board leash. In any case, since we are not professionals yet it is best if we do start with a leash.

Here is some options Charles is giving out to you.

1. Attach a leash to your ankle

2. Wrist leash

3. Waist Leash

4. No leash

Try to get the thinnest leash possible, the thicker it is, the more drag it will have.

There are many secrets and tricks out there to have a leash that will work just fine for you.

Charles normally uses a 6 ft leash, and it will do the trick for most people.

These are the recommendations for you!

The most important is to have fun and to be comfortable in the water.

Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed our video!

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