Surfing Beginner Lessons

Surfing Begginer Lessons


You always wanted to know the feeling of riding your first wave and find out what’s the big hype about surfing. Taking beginner lessons is your first step. In Encuentro there are a bunch of surf schools that could teach you how to surf. W e have been working with Buena Onda Surf School which literally translates to ‘’Good Vibes Surf School’’.

At Buena Onda you can rent gear, take lessons or just chill in their comfortable lounges and small restaurant next to it.

Beginner lessons start on land, by teaching you where to lay on the board, standing up, postitioning and holding your  balance is key before heading to the water.

Playa Encuentro has it’s own area for beginners, on the far right, which will allow you to catch the white water without interrupting the waves of the advanced surfers on the back. Once you dominate standing up on the white water, if waves are not to big then you should go for a 2nd lesson and head to the back with an instructor.

Your mission to complete your surfing experience should be catching a wave by going left or right.

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