Which Wing Foil Setup is the right one?

Wing Foil Tips: Which Wing Foil Setup is the right one?

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Hello guys! Here’s a short video we made at Liquid Blue Cabarete and posted on our YouTube Channel since many in our community have been asking more details and other general information. This time the inquiry was: What Wing Foil Set-Up do we use at Liquid Blue Cabarete? If you are already getting out in the water to Wing Foil and are wondering which gear set-up is the right one for you at this time this blog and video are for you. To sum it up, here’s what we are using this year! Location: Cabarete, North Coast of the Dominican Republic Wind Conditions: 8 to 30 knots Brand: F-One Equipment: Phantom 1280 Set-Up + 85cm Aluminum Mast + 33L Rocket Surfboard Discipline: Prone Foiling and Wing Foiling Time: one and a half years so far and it is still in …

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How long does it take to learn to Kitesurf?

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Are you asking yourself how long it will take you to learn how to kitesurf? Kiteboarding lesson number 1: don’t expect to be done with kiteboarding in one day. For the majority of students, it will take many hours of lessons to learn the basics of this water sport. At Liquid Blue Cabarete we teach lessons in two to three-hour blocks. Learning to kitesurf takes between 6 to 12 hours of lessons on average – but in reality it often takes more than 12 hours and it rarely takes less than 6.  The learning process sometimes can be challenging, yet highly rewarding, so don’t worry about it! The sooner you get started the better – plus kitesurf lessons with us are fun and about having a good time in Cabarete. Why does it take quite some time to learn to …

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Buy kites, kiteboards, kite harnesses, & much more.

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Liquid blue Cabarete is your trustworthy retail store for kitesurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing. Here’s why: HIGH-QUALITY EQUIPMENT AND GEAR 100% SECURE PAYMENT EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE FAST NATIONAL DELIVERIES THE BEST KITESURFING EQUIPMENT DEALS HERE We promise the best quality on all our kitesurfing gear. Whether you’re a beginner kitesurfer or you’re boosting like a pro, we’ve got all the right kitesurfing equipment for you. We have fantastic gear from F-One. Along with the best kites, boards, bars, Manera harnesses, wetsuits & other accessories you will need when coming to Cabarete for your water sport trip. We can also order the gear you need and ship it nationally in the Dominican Republic. Online payment is secure and easy. If you don’t see what you’re after or you find a better price elsewhere, contact us!  See you on the water 🙂  KITESURFING FOR BEGINNERS …

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Hurley – Surf & Swimwear in the Dominican Republic

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Liquid Blue Cabarete is your ONE & ONLY surf shop in Cabarete, North Coast of the Dominican Republic.Some of the categories you can choose from and buy during your stay are the following: A. Kites, boards & harnesses (F-One, Manera), also AquaAzul Kite glassesB. Surfboards, fins and leashesC. Hurley, Vissla, Salty Crew clothing & accessoriesD. SunBum SunscreenE. Corkcicle reusable water bottles and cupsF. Repairing kits and Services for your kite and other water sports gearG. Redbull and snacks to keep you activeH. Havaianas flip flopsI. Menstrual Cup and Kegel by IntiminaJ. Mosquito Repellent (natural & eco-friendly)K. Proof sunglassesL. Liquid Blue Customized T-shirt and Wet shirts M. Chums & all kinds of accessories for your phone, beach friendly & resistant You can’t find something? We can order it for you! Chat with expert kitesurfer and crazy wing foil rider Charles at …

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How to choose your F-ONE foil board?

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How to choose your foil board and why should it be an F-ONE? F-ONE’s Research&Development team worked on finding the perfect balance between volume and size for the 2022 foil board collection. Just so you know, a board needs just enough volume to float but not too much so it doesn’t hamper the take-off, turning abilities, speed, and overall session.  The Brand also focused on improving the strength and stiffness of the boards as the sports community has taken their riding skills to the next level, jumping higher, and developing new moves, all new standards that the brand is keeping into consideration when increasing efficiency in new products. Find out about F-one latest news and products here: Choose your F-one board with this guide! Here is our guide to help you choose your F-ONE board, considering the following important elements: Your skill level Your weight Your usual riding conditions First things …

Wing foiling lessons: getting started

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Are you new to wing foiling and are planning on learning this extreme water sport? For all of you that are into Wing Foiling and/or for those already Wing Foiling, we at Liquid Blue made a guided lesson on how to get started! Hopefully, you’ll find these videos a useful tool if you want to potentially gain new insights that might help take your riding to the next level. Location: Cabarete, North Coast of the Dominican Republic Watch the full video on how to get started with wing foiling in Cabarete. Wing Foiling Lessons Cabarete beach If you’re looking into getting started with Wing Foiling, here is an introduction for land skills and techniques to develop (Part 1) and how to get in the water (Part 2). Why should you watch these videos? Watch this video series to get the …

Why you should get of the ship at Taino Bay

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It is safe to say that if you are getting on a cruise ship is because you want to travel to different countries with the commodity of having an all inclusive service which in 2 words stands for a ‘’Good Time!’’Since you are embarking in different countries in the Caribbean, why not get out of the cruise ship and enjoy the warm weather and get to know the island you’re visiting, in this Case Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata Taino Bay.Taino Bay is a recently built cruise port in the province of Puerto Plata. It is the only port in Puerto Plata that will allow you to go walking to the center of town or beach within 15 minutes or less of walking. Also it has a grand variety of activities inside the port such as a Monkey Jungle, Swimming pool …

What’s inside Liquid Blue Concept Store x Taino Bay?

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Liquid Blue Taino Bay may sound odd to you. Taino Bay is a new cruise ship  location in Puerto Plata. It will be the first touristic port in the Center of Puerto Plata in all of its History and It was inaugurated the 15th of December.We were more than lucky to be able to get a spot at Taino Bay Cruise Ship Port. This way we will be able to provide you with our products and services and make sure you get the best out of this Caribbean experience in the Dominican Republic. We wanted to take this opportunity to show what Puerto Plata has to offer itself product wise. We want to provide you with local artisanal products that you will only be able to find at our shop. Every purchase behind our local products will have its own …